Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY White Chocolate Butterfly Pattern

So remember me telling you in my Cake Mania post
how I decided not to itemize everything I made?
Weeelllll....I just couldn't help doing a special post on these white chocolate butterflies!Sorry if you are getting tired of seeing them.
I'm just a little excited about how they turned out!

You guys,
I want you to make these!
Believe me, these aren't hard, they look more intimidating than they really are.
You don't have to be an artist,
and when you are done they will look so impressive and you'll feel like a rock star!

I'm not even kidding.
I totally and unashamedly flashed these in the face of everyone who came into the kitchen,
like a cat with its dead mouse...only people didn't run away and scream.

The original link, with good instructional pictures can be found here.
 But let me brake it down for you:

White almond bark or chocolate
ziplock bag
parchment paper
glass measuring cup with pouring spout

What To Do

1. Trace your butterfly onto the back of a piece of parchment paper.
Fold the paper in half, creasing the butterfly right up the middle- this will help create the folded wing effect.
{At the bottom of this post, I have included some butterfly designs that I used for tracing.}

2. Melt your chocolate in the microwave, then pour it into your ziplock bag.
It is important that you let the chocolate cool so it doesn't come gushing out and make a runny design.
{Read this post about working with melted chocolate.}

3. Making sure your traced design is on the back of the parchment paper, snip a small corner section of your chocolate filled ziplock bag and begin tracing out your butterfly design.
Following the lines you traced, hold your piping end just above the parchment paper and let the chocolate
gently 'fall', rather than resting the tip directly on the paper.
It works better if you do the outline first, then do the lines and details inside the wing.

4. Once finished, place the butterfly between the open pages of a large book and cool in the fridge.


All that is left is to wait...then carefully slide your butterfly off the parchment paper,
put it on your cake, and dazzle your guests!

 Here are some butterfly designs to print out and trace.
I used the first two pictures for my designs, and both looked great!

Above picture courtesy of We Lived Happily Ever After, from the original chocolate butterfly post.


The above design would be great for beginners who are daunted by the detail in the other two designs.
The way you would work this butterfly is to trace around the entire outline, 
then fill everything else in with chocolate, leaving the holes in the wings blank. 
Results would be a more solid looking butterfly, not quite as delicate and breakable as the other two.

I hope this helps and inspires some of y'all!
Go forth, and let your creativity take flight!


  1. Your butterflies turned out beautifully! I remember pinning chocolate butterflies a while ago and now you have reminded and inspired me to make some :) Thank you, sweet friend. Enjoy your afternoon!

    1. Oh, I hope you do! You will have to be sure and share it on your blog as well, I would love to see how yours turn out! :) Thank you, and I hope you have a blessed weekend!

  2. This is perfect, Desarae! A dear friend of mine is doing butterflies as the theme for her daughter Mercy's first birthday in a few weeks. I think I'll make some of these and bring them to the party to add to the "adult's" cake, as the birthday girl gets her own butterfly shaped smash cake. :) Mercy is my friend's fourth child and third girl, and I was blessed beyond measure to be present in their home the night she was born. I waited in the wings with Grandma and an auntie while my friend's husband and midwife assisted in her first home birth. So this birthday party is extra special, as I have seen Mercy grow and change every week since the very night she entered the world! :) Thanks for the fun idea! I just love how you use a book to get the butterflies to bend. Have a great day!

    1. Awesome! I hope you have fun making them and they turn out beautifully! The book idea was from the original blog post that I mentioned, so I can't take credit for it, but it does make a huge difference in the end result! I hope you have a wonderful time at the party! Take pictures, I would love to see how your butterflies turn out.


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