Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 5 of 2013

I know this post is a bit tardy,
but it was such a great idea to share what inspired me last year,
that I just had to bend the rules and bit and share this post.


5. My dear friend, Allyson
I hope she doesn't mind me gushing about her on my blog,
but I couldn't exclude her from my list of what inspired me this past year.
We are kindred spirits, her and I, so honestly,
I have a happiness gauge that is directly related to how she is doing!
This year she made a big step in pursuing a dream, and honestly, a God-given talent.
She leaves me speechless at times, with the pure beauty emanating from her person,
and that beauty comes through all of most when we are functioning in what we do best.
It made my heart so happy, and has inspired me to try and the do the same...
ever pursuing God's best.
I love you Ally!

4. Kristina from Eccentric Owl
I found Kristina's blog while working my way through The Thriftaholics Directory.
There she was, number 191...yes, actually, I checked out all previous 190 is a long list...I'm still working my way through it when I have time.

At first it was her vintage charm and cute outfits that caught my eye,
but I've come to value her quirky and darling posts,
with her relatable ramblings more than anything else.
She has a beautiful heart and a much needed honestly to her words that I so appreciate.
She is real, funny, sweet and just weeks away from having her first baby!
Who wouldn't want to be friends with a person like that?
And then there is the fact that she can pull off colored tights splendidly...and I hate tights,
so I live vicariously through her. :)

3. The Renegade Seamstress & The Refashionista
I know, I know, these are two separate blogs, shouldn't they have their own number?
Yes and no.
If you do your math you will see that I would more than five points,
and that just won't do, but I couldn't possibly leave either of them out.


 Besides, these ladies took an equal share towards inspiring me to enter the world of refashioning!
They were the two very first blogs I found when looking for a way to refashion some
bulky sweaters left over from my northern wardrobe.
Exactly a year ago, I found and started following their blogs,
and have been a faithful reader ever since.


Furthermore, it was my supreme honor to be selected by Beth (aka Renegade Seamstress)
to participate in her second installment of Refashion Runway!
She was kind of like, oh you know, a hero...
so that most certainly made my year!

2. Kristi Yamaguchi
"Why should a dream have some part of it that was so scary?
Why would I have to do something I feared in pursuing something I loved?"
 -Kristi Yamaguchi-

I used to have a fear of sewing,
but it was this very quote from Kristi, childhood hero and my absolute favorite female figure skater
(I have a Christmas ornament of her, for Pete's sake!),
that lit the fuse to my explosive year of sewing.
She really played a pivotal role in the outcome of my year
and continues to inspire me.
You can read all about it in this post.

Now, one of the most recent sources of inspiration for me,
which I know will carry into the new year, has been..

1. Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston <3 

“We all have two lives. 
The second one starts when we realize that we only have one”  
-Tom Hiddleston-

 Like millions of other women the world over,
I have to admit I'm quite star struck with Mr. Hiddleston.
Aside from being a great actor,
I'm captivated by his classic Hollywood charm, gentlemanly conduct,
deep intense personality, and the way he speaks...honestly, have you listened to this man?
His sentence structure and vocabulary has me one talks that beautifully
in this modern era, and it comes from a cultivated, refined place in a person.
And, sop my puddled self off the floor, he can dance.
All that aside,
much of what he utters is poetically quote worthy,
 the above quote being one that has been reverberating in my head since first I read it.
I think this year marks the beginning of my second life.
Or at any rate, at least the awakening of it.

So really, I discovered that words are what inspire me most.
I have always been drawn to them, and my heart speaks best and deepest when
flowing through ink and pen...or keys and screens, as it were.

I'm not much for resolutions,
but I have determined this year to indulge more in words...
not just any words, mind you,
but strong words...
deep words...
rich words.

Words are such a beautifully powerful tool of expression,
yet we use the same few hundred over and over,
and those which we do use often aren't the clearest or most expressive.


It is my aim to read more classic literature and poems
this year-- something I have always enjoyed, but
stopped doing once out of school.
I always feel much smarter and richer for having read
Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis, or a well crafted poem.

If I could only do one thing great,
I believe I would choose to be a master of words.
An all encompassing medium with can reach out and touch people everywhere.
They can be the the steely sword delivering the fatal blow to an army of lies
or a healing balm which brings life to fractured, shriveled souls.

I think I shall aim to be a master of words.

What about you?
I would love to know what inspired you this past year,
and what is propelling you into the new one. 


  1. Thank you so much, Desarae for your kind words! It was my pleasure to have you be such an important part of Refashion Runway. Your designs delighted and inspired so many people.
    As I was reading your post, I was marveling at your word choice and your voice. Then I get down to the bottom and read that you are aspiring t be a master of words. Well, in my humble opinion, you already are!
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Beth, that means so much to me! :)

  2. Very well DO have a knack for words! A natural talent that has shown up time and again in many previous posts. :) As to what inspired me last year, learning firsthand that rough seas make for strong sailors, and that no matter what comes, to just keep pressing on (Phil. 3:13-14 KJV). The Lord Jesus Christ is the one constant, rock solid, never-failing Comforter in my life and I have learned that even when there is no logical explanation for doing right, it is to be done BECAUSE CHRIST IS WORTHY! I am happy to see 2014 arrive and I am looking forward to where the Lord will lead in the days ahead.
    History, too, is always an inspiration to me; to learn from the mistakes as well as the triumphs (whether in one's own life or from an account of many years ago); to read the literature that was written so long in the Lamplighter Publishing books, G.A. Henty, R.M. Ballantyne, Charles Spurgeon, J.C. Ryle, and so many more!; to cultivate the respectful manners they possessed in a time gone by; and finally to enjoy recreating the lovely garments that ladies used to wear! :)
    And that's enough of my words. Thanks for inviting people to share, Desarae!

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you shared your inspirations with me...I ask those questions at the end of my posts because I *do* actually want to hear back from my readers! :)

      I think 2013 was a stretching, growing year all around. Indeed, I have found that same saying to be true- we work the muscles of our faith by holding tight when the floor drops out from under us. But that is when we realize that Christ is the only true constant- and even when we can't hold on or see through the waves- He never lets go, even when we do. :)
      I pray this coming year is a great one for you, Sarah!

    2. Thank you, Desarae, and I pray the same for you as well.

  3. This is such a thoughtful acknowledgement of those who have influenced you this year.

    I've actually been inspired by a number of bloggers this year, too. There are so many generous people sharing their ideas, talent, and kindness in blogland. It's really uplifting.

    I agree with Beth! Your writing is rich and warm and quite impressive already.

    1. Thank you for reading, Jenny. :) I agree, there are so many great bloggers and wonderful ladies out there. I know that I'm only accessing a miniscule corner of the blogs out there, and I often wonder what other great blogs I'm missing out on! But I've found that I enjoy being connected and close with a few blogs rather than spreading myself thing following a ton.

  4. I love Tom Hiddleston too! He's so amazing and funny ... I could go on and on and on but I think you already know all that. That is a fantastic quote from him ... Very inspiring.

    1. Yes, I know...I'm not the typical girl who goes all fan girl over every movie star out there...but I have to say, he has indeed raised my standards and fluttered my poor little heart! :)


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