Monday, November 11, 2013

What Goes Around...Vintage Trends

You would have to be living under a rock
to be oblivious to the fact that vintage and retro has come back into style.

Sites like Modcloth, Eshakti and others are teaming with
lots of lovely vintage inspired copycats, and I love it!

While some modern trends are obviously vintage throwbacks,
I have discovered several trends that I didn't know had their roots in vintage fashion!
Here are a few examples I came across.
Color blocking
{Amazing how styles and trends come back around...} Linda Darnell in 1940s tiered gypsy dress with colour blocking and ruched bodice
Here we see a 1940's tiered gypsy dress with color blocking.
I was pretty shocked to find out this was a vintage concept!

1940's style belts
I'm sure you have all noticed belts that look like these, especially B and C.
This chart dates back to the 40's, I think.
 (Does it bother anyone else that the letters on that chart are all out of order?! Gahhh!)

Big Pockets
Vintage Pattern 1950s Pinup Rockabilly Dress by CaliforniaSenora1940s Pattern Bureau Mail Order 2161 Vintage by GreyDogVintage, $18.00
Big, exposed pockets are back in, and it hasn't been the first time they were popular, 
as seen in these 1940's patterns.


Vintage patterns look a little like today tops!Advance 4487 Misses 1940s Blouse Pattern via Etsy.

Peplums....all the craze these days!
Perhaps the modern designers thrifted some 1940's patterns just like these and decided to bring them back? 'Cause they look just like the peplums you see all over today.

Here is another version of the peplum.
1940's Vintage Pattern  McCALL 6800  Gorgeous by shellmakeyouflip, $28.00
This looks a lot like the design I ended up with for my refashioned peplum jacket, doesn't it?!

Bubble Hem
Simplicity 3037 - no. 2 <3
This is a 50's pattern as far as I know.
This trend also made a resurgence in the 80's
and now it is back again.
I'm sorry.
I don't get this one.
It looks just as strange back then as it does today!
Lace Top/Sleeves
Vintage 50s Evening Cocktail Dress Pattern All around gathered four-gored skirt joined to bodice at princess waistline. Dart fitted bodice features scalloped edging with lace accents with cap sleeves.
This is a 1950's evening gown pattern, with the lace top and sleeves.
So classic. So beautiful.
This is style, not just fashion!
There is a reason this look is still around.


Vintage pattern for a pinafore like Dorothy'sVintage Fashion Library - Vintage 40s Girls Pinafore Jumper Dress Bishop Sleeve Blouse Sewing Pattern Vogue 2229 8
Pinafores are coming back in (and have made their way onto my 'need to make' list)
and while you may not see a whole lot like the two above styles, which date back to the 40's,
there are lots more like the style pictured below.
Isn't it cute?

What do you think about the resurgence of all the vintage looks?
Did you know these modern trends had vintage echoes?
Have you come across any other modern trends that you didn't realize
had vintage roots?


  1. Those pattern are beautiful and I love the color blocking, I think the modern trends had vintage echoes. I just sometimes dont get interested with some of modern fashion when it turned in crazy look and so annoying in my eyes oh haha :D
    Thanks for sharing Des!
    Have a lovely week

    1. I completely understand- some of the fashion trends are just ugly or 'crazy' like you say!

  2. I think my age will really show today because I have seen most of those trends come and go once already! But some of them are truly timeless, like the lace top and sleeves that you pointed out. It was around when my mother was married in the 50's. I must say I was surprised when the peplum returned recently - I had a peplum dress in the early 80's and it became dated very quickly. I agree on the bubble hem; I just can't get excited over it :) What a great post! I did learn some new things and it was fun to see the old Simplicity and McCall's pattern envelopes; those are the ones we had here in Canada when I started sewing in the late 60's. One final comment - you are not the only one who finds the out-of-order belt illustrations to be inexplicable and perplexing :)

    1. I haven't really lived long enough to see previous fashion trends return, but I think that would be really interesting to witness! It would be fun to visit with you about past trends- Have you noticed changes and tweaks or improvements the second time around? Yes, like you said, trends come and go quickly, but there are classy and timeless pieces that will stay around- the difference between 'fashion' and style! :)

      Oh good, I'm so glad it wasn't just me!! It drives me completely bonkers!

    2. One change that I notice (and am thankful for) is the lack of large shoulder pads in jackets this time around! The eighties were a time of exaggerated everything - shoulders, hair, makeup. Whew - I was glad to see that decade end :) Also, hemlines seem shorter in general now than in the fifties, even where the rest of the style is the same. But hemlines go up and down, over and over. My favourite was the maxi in the early seventies. It just felt so elegant and feminine. Of course, I never wore mine with workboots - but some girls did :)

    3. Haha- the 80's, I was born at the end of that decade, but I am familiar enough with it because many of my family members didn't make the transition very soon. :) Yes, I don't like the high hem lines that in style. I was taught not to wear anything above knee length, and that has stuck. Besides, I'm with you- I like the elegance of the longer dresses/skirts. :) Thank you SO much for sharing your reminiscence with me! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. Ohhh that 50's evening gown is delicious!

    1. Isn't it though?! I love vintage fashion- they had a great sense of class and style back then. :)

  4. I had a prom dress made like that 1950's evening gown in 1986.

    1. How fun! A lot of 80's fashion have 40/50's throwbacks. :)


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