Saturday, June 22, 2013

Little Mermaid Crochet Doll

My little sister turned 10 years old this spring, and I wanted to make something she would really like.
We both share a love for all things mermaid as well as Disney.
I decided to head in that direction and crochet her a mermaid doll.
I searched high and low for a mermaid pattern but didn't like any of them.
They were all fat and pudgy with misshapen fins.
Not what a mermaid is supposed to look like.
I did find this picture, which is an old magazine pattern that is pretty expensive
to get ahold of.

I loved the idea of the fin going all the up instead of the separate shell bra.
Borrowing a tiny little bit from this pattern for the fins (I changed it a lot, it was just the base),
and using the directions from this pattern for the arms, I had a good start.
As for the rest...I made it up as I went along!
Front body
Back side of body


Fins attached and upper body and head worked onto fin.

Once I had finished the fin/green body,
I stuffed it as best as I could.
Next I changed colors and began working the upper body and on into the head.
Before closing off the head, I stuffed the rest.
From there I stopped taking pictures as I went (sorry!).
Here is the gist...
I crocheted two arms, ran a half folded over pipe cleaner through them,
then attached them to the body.
For the hair...well...I really faked and fumbled my way through it.
I made lots of curly little twisted worm deal-ios and attached them...
then did a bunch of other stuff that surprisingly turned out looking decent.


Next, I used embroidery thread to add the eyes and lips.
To finish it off I made a small necklace and sewed some clear sequins all over the body.
And tada!
A mermaid doll!

Maybe someday I will sit down, try to recreate this and write out the pattern.
But for now, I'm just pleased that I made it work.


  1. I wish you had made a pattern is so beautiful work, sadly the links don´t work. but really nice job

  2. Thank you, I do intend to offer this pattern for sale in an Etsy shop someday, but I am still working towards that and need to do some more pattern testing first. Oh dear, I will try to fix the links for you. Thank you for your interest!

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  4. I would LOVE to know that fin pattern part - I'm making a mermaid and have created my own body and tail pattern, but stuck on that signature fin look that we see in mermaid paintings.


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