Saturday, June 8, 2013

Did you hear about Renegade Seamstress' Refashion Contest?!

Ok, seriously,
I have something fun that I have to share with you!
A couple months ago I discovered refashioning and pretty much fell in love.
That love and insatiable hunger for great ideas,
led me to the blog Renegade Seamstress.
She does great refashions!
But the best part is this...
she is hosting the first ever
Refashion Runway1
This is a fun refashion contest with weekly themes and challenges.
Today, the selected contestants came out with the first crop of refashions.
I have to say they did a great job!!
There are two that I really was impressed with, one of them I love!
Now I'm itching to grab something out of my refashion stash and get to work!
Take a look, maybe cast your vote, follow her blog, what have you.
I hope you enjoy it!
I know I am looking forward to each weeks challenges with great anticipation.
Maybe next year I'll have a go at it...

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