Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blue Floral Summer Dress

 Hey y'all!
So, I have lots of projects planned, but I am still trying to play catch up and post
some of the projects from the last couple of months.
That being said, here is the next installment!

This was a lovely summer dress I made back in April.
It was only my second from scratch sewing project and my first one using a pattern.

My dear friend Atlanta had just gotten married,
and this project was just the thing to get me out a funk after her beautiful wedding
and the resulting 7 state-hop road trip with my brothers. 

  I used this pattern (thanks Atlanta!), New Look 6557, option E (bottom left).


I'll admit, having never sewn from a pattern before, this dress was a challenge!
Linings, turning things inside out and this way and that, zippers etc....
there were times I just had to let it sit for a day or two,
but in the end I was very, very proud of myself for finishing it!
It isn't perfect, but what ever is?
Being one of my firsts, I'm not going to be too hard on myself.

I love this delicate blue floral pattern.

During the creation of this dress, we were having *crazy, crazy* weather here in Texas.
When I started, the weather was lovely and warm...perfect for a new summer dress.
But by the time I had finished, I was sewing in a sweater and socks.

Things are finally warm enough now that I can wear this lovely out!

Now I just need someplace to go....

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