Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Looking Back: July

So much takes place each and every day, let alone through out the course of a month.
Some of the bigger stuff makes it on here...
all my projects and crafts,
but there are other great little moments that don't get recognized,
which are maybe even more a part of my life.
In that mind set, I decided it would be fun to do a sort of 'recap' post at the end of the month,
pictures and little snippets of what else happened
that didn't 'make the cut', so to speak, the first time around.
So, here we go!
My two youngest siblings!
We tried to see Man of Steel for Father's Day, but they were sold out ( I think that is the first time that has ever happened to us!), so we tried again the next weekend: success!
This was after seeing the movie...we were waiting in the van for mom and dad...bored...that means pictures...

One of my other brothers...."Don't take my picture..."

Me: "Take my picture, I could put this on my blog..." obviously I was in mid sentence. :)

Another brother!
This was the Sunday before 4th of July, the night our city held their fireworks show.
He was working on getting some 'epic' firework pictures with his new fancy camera. 
My brothers are totally into filming, in fact you can visit their Youtube channel and see some of their videos!

Annnnddd another-another brother. :) This is the last one...I promise.

Terrible and embarrassing selfie/group photo!
The evening wouldn't be complete without one, no?

As part of our actual celebration for the 4th, we had....a bonfire!!!!
I was super, oober excited about it! Because of the drought, it has been years since I've enjoyed a good bonfire, and I wasn't disappointed!

The boys standing back to appreciate the inferno they created.

A bonfire necessity!
My poor, growing-up-in-the-dry-south younger siblings, especially my little sister here, haven't mastered the art of eating a s'more yet...

Near the end of the month our home school group put on a farewell dance for a sweet family that is moving away.
Dances: always fun.
Saying good-bye: never fun
Here are my little brother and sister sashaying their way through the Virginia Reel.
My littlest brother is only 6, but already he is learning most of our group dances!
I'm so proud of him, it is adorable to watch.
Although when he gets to be a dashing young man and all the girls are clamoring for his attention,
 I might not feel quite the same. ;P

Oh yeah, and I spent most of my weekdays helping my dad build this massive deck for a customer!!
That in itself deserves a whole don't be surprised if you see one 'round about next week.

And there you have the summation of my month!
Can you believe it is already August?!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Refashion Runway Sew Along,
Bubble Hem Denim Maxi Skirt

Continuing with my better-late-than-never Refashion Runway Runway projects, here is my refashion for...

Week 2: Denim


I used the drawstring and elastic waisted skirt to the left, and the pair of jeans to the right.
Just ignore the pink dress I'm holding... I have another project planned for it and the dark wash jeans I'm wearing in the picture to the left. But that is another story.
This Pinterest pin was one I had been dying to do myself,
so I took this denim challenge as my opportunity.
{I made did this with a small pair of jeans and a skirt...I LOVE IT!! It turned out great!} -Des {INSPIRATION- no site link. I love the uneven cut of the jeans, creating the hankerchief/uneven hem on the skirt!} Skirt - Upcycled Jeans
Skirt and picture by bohemienneivy etsy shop
What I Did:
Cut the jeans off just below the back pockets and crotch.
Cut off part of the elastic waist of the skirt, removed the elastic and drawstring.
Sewed the skirt to the jean tops, putting an inverted box pleat at the front
Top stitched around
Sewed a bubble/balloon hem at the bottom to pull up the length so it was dragging on the floor
Sorry there are no pictures of the process, I just barreled my way through it.
So in its place, I'll just give you a close up picture of the gorgeous stitching on this skirt.



The inverted box pleat in the front makes this long maxi skirt sooo full and flowing, I love it!
It swishes all over when I walk... 

One of our kittens wanted in the picture, and who am I to say 'no' to that cutie.  

The 'bubble' or 'balloon' hem was created by folding the existing hem up a few inches
and sewing it down along the top, leaving the extra length to hang.

This is now one of my favorite skirts!
So comfortable, long and flowing...I feel as if I'm floating about.
This was the first time I have sewn on denim, I was pleased that it wasn't as hard as I had anticipated it might be.
This is a prime example of what refashioning can do...from a pair of too small jeans and a skirt that I wore once, I have created a beautiful piece that is about to get worn out more than one sense of the word!
It was barely off the machine, when it had its first outing to see Man of Steel in theatres.
Talk about floating...Superman can sweep me off my feet anytime.

In my next post you will get to see how I interpreted the next challenge...week 3: Copycat!
I'm pretty excited about this next one, check back in a couple of days!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Better Late Than Never,
Refashion Runway Sew Along Week 1

You know that feeling that sweeps over you when you finish a favorite book series...
that sad, little emptiness?
That is how I have felt all month since the end of Refashion Runway, hosted by Beth over at the blog Renegade Seamstress.

(Seriously, if you haven't already, you need to go check out what these ladies made each week!
I was impressed and inspired!)
When the competition first started (I posted about it here) I fully intended to sew along and share my projects like Beth invited us to.
But life doesn't always happen the way you schedule it out in your mind.
Week one, I was staying with a friend.
Week two, I went and stayed with Nana, who is struggling with injuries from a car accident.
(Prayers would be greatly appreciated for her!)
Week three, was halfway spent by the time I got settled in at home again. the old saying goes, it is better late than never!
I am not going to let the passage of time keep me from completing my own Refashion Runway challenge projects.
So, here is my week one sew along refashion.

Week 1: Stripes


This over sized purple and white striped T found its way into a $2 bag
of clothes from one of my recent thrifting hauls.

I just loved the buttons...really, they are the reason I even got this top.

To get things rolling, I rounded the hem, chopped off some of the sleeve length and lowered the neckline.
Those, I hemmed using a zig zag stitch and took in the sides.
I was going for a loose fit top, so I didn't make it too snug.

After doing all that, the shoulders still drooped and hung off my arms.
Using the cuff from the sleeve section I had already removed, I made a shoulder strap,
or passant of sorts, as I have seen them called elsewhere, by sewing it to the underside of the sleeve.
To do this I ripped out a small portion of the seam on the shoulder, inserted the strap through this space, then sewed it down on the underside.
For the other side, I sewed it down on the underside of the neckline.
I learned that it worked best to connect one end of the strip to the other, because otherwise the weight of the sleeve was pulling too much on the neckline.

This is what it looked like when it was finished.




And here is my sweet new top.
I think it works, but I'll admit that the bunched up sleeves feel a bit like shoulder pads.

More fitted, but loose enough to be comfortable.
Much better, don't you think?

On Tuesday I'll show you what I made for the Denim Challenge...and boy, do I love it!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Skirt to Loose Strappy Top

' Where there's a will, there's a way.'

When it came to this adorable thrifted, seersucker skirt, that saying rings true.

This was one of the items my little sister and I picked up at our last bag sale.
I thought it was too cute to pass up and stuffed it in her bag.
But when we get home, little sister doesn't want the skirt because it looks too much like a baby blanket.

Of course, she is trying her hardest to be all grown up these days, so naturally she must distance herself from anything that has the appearance of being 'little girl'.

Well, I guess the diagonal pastel hued stripes and baby blue background don't exactly scream, "I'm a big girl now," do they?

No problem, I wouldn't mind finding room in my closet for one more skirt!
Alas...that wasn't going to happen either.
My voluptuous hips were just too much for this poor little skirt. ;)

I wasn't going to give up without a fight!
It only took about 20 minutes under my needle, and I came out the victor!


A new, A-line tank top!
It was the perfect match for a cute, pink skirt I have had for years, but didn't quite have the right top to go with it. Now I have a fun, well matched outfit!


All I did to make this refashion happen was cut off about 3 or 4 inches from the bottom hem.
I cut that into narrow strips which I then sewed into a tube to make the shoulder strap.
The only thing left to do was hem up the bottom (I wanted to leave it longer) and attach my straps!
The skirt had a small elastic waist, which was great because it wasn't too bulky and acts as extra reinforcement to keep my top where I want it! No gaping neck line with this one. 

Forgive the squinty eyes and downward was really bright out.

I have worn this top several times, it is really comfy, and such a quick, great addition to my closet!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cold to Hot Pajamas

This was a really simple project,
but it fixed an annoying problem.
I had a pair of flannel pajama bottom that got shrunk in the wash,
making them a bother to wear.
I currently have a shortage of summer sleep wear, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

I chopped off the offensive length of the bottoms and hemmed them up.
Then I snipped off the sleeves of my top right along the seam,
then folded over and sewed down the edge. 
And just like that I move from cold to hot (or at least warm) in my regards towards these pjs.

Simple. Economical. Problem solved.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sew Pretty Sewing Room, Altogether Now!

"Some people look for a beautiful place...
others make a place beautiful."

This week I have been doing a series on the projects I made to
spruce things up for my new sewing space.
You have seen the individual elements, now...
let's put it all together!

This interesting shelf works great for hanging scissors and extra spools.

An old spice rack serves as our spool shelf.
The lip on the edge of the shelf keeps the spools from falling off!

The machine...
when the days comes to replace this good ol' gal, I won't know what to do.

The culmination of all my efforts and craftiness
has birthed this lovely, functional sewing space.
My dad even hung a light right above my machine...I can seeeee!
(That is why there is a cord hanging down the wall.)
Long gone is the dark, cluttered sewing corner...
what I have now gives me 'warm fuzzies' and makes my sewing time enjoyable!

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