Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fixing Too Big and Stretched Elastic Belts

There is a phenomenon that I have yet to discover the answer to...
why elastic belts lose their elasticity when stored hanging up.
I have several elastic belts, and I used to hang them up on my belt wrack in my closet.
It wasn't long before I noticed they were getting way too stretched out to wear.
Sad day.
So take it from me, don't store your elastic belts hanging up!
The best way is it roll them up and set them on a shelf or in a drawer. not fear.
If you have, like me, already 'ruined' your elastic belts,
or even if you have some that are just too big...
there is a solution!
And an easy one at that.
First, try on your belt and fasten it where you would like it to be.
 This is not where it fits, but where you would like to wear it,
 the notch you prefer and the amount of tail you would like to leave.
This is where I wanted to wear my belt...I don't like much a tail.

With your belt still fastened, turn it around so the back is in front.
Take in the extra stretch of the belt, tightening to what feels comfortable to you, and pin it together.
Now, all you have to do is take your belt off,
put the rights sides of your belt together, and sew where you have it marked with your pin.
I did a double seam and zig zagged the edges.
Try to make your seam right in the middle back of your belt.
Now try it on, make sure you like the fit, and if so,
chop off the extra length of belt right next the seam you just sewed.
Ta da!
Now you have a belt that fits!
I did this with three of my elastic belts, it only took about 15 minutes.

As long as you don't mind the seam in the back, you have a great quick fix!
This would even work with fabric belts and sashes. 


  1. Hi Des! I came across your blog while visiting The Story of a Seamstress. You have a lovely site and I am now happily following along. I look forward to visiting again :)


    1. Hello, Stephanie!
      Why thank you! I have been pretty picky and put a lot of work into getting it to where it is, so it is nice to hear complements on it. Thank you for coming by and following. It is fun to have new friends and readers. You also have a sweet blog, and I've returned your follow with one of my own. :) I'll be seeing you around the blog the world, then.


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