Sunday, June 30, 2013

Thrift Store Haul!

Oh. My. Goodness.
I live 15 minutes away from a great little thrift store...
I think this is dangerous.
Abashedly I admit, I have visited at least once every week for the past month...and a half.
Hey, I have been working on several projects for the sewing room (posts coming soon),
so that is my excuse.
But last week a wonderful thing happened....they had a bag sale!
$2, all you can stuff in a bag, for purple tag items!
Awesome. Dangerous.
Of course I went, and got some great booty.
low and behold, they have another bag sale this week...this time on white tag items,
that means a completely different selection of clothes.

I put my skills to work...between my little sister and I, we crammed 20 items into that bag...
do you know what that means?!
20 pieces of clothing...for 10 cents each! clothes!


I didn't count my combined purchase items...and I don't plan to...
only a few of them work as is, the others are destined for refashioning.
I have already finished a few of them, I just need to get them posted!

This is my refashion the right was what it looked like before said bag sale,
and to the left is what it looks like after...already a few pieces lighter, grant you!
I'm excited to get working!
Lots more refashion posts to come!
Completed Projects:

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