Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Refashioned Outfit: Look #1

Hello all!
Today I want to show you a completely refashioned outfit I made a couple weeks back.
The rest of the country may already be transitioning into Fall, but temperatures are still warm here in Texas, although they have actually been cooling down this week.
 So, I figured I had better get this refashion posted as it is a pretty summery look.

First, I started with this thrifted button down shirt I picked up at a bag sale.

In most places, this shirt fit me pretty well, except it had a lot of excess bulk in the back.
What's with that?

It had some great little features which I loved, like those roll up sleeves with a button tab,
and the double pockets.

One thing I wasn't really fond of, was that collar.
Collars can be fine, but this one seemed a little too stiff, and I just wanted a different look.

 Off with its head!

After I took off the collar, I hemmed up the open edge.
Then I sewed two long darts running all the way up the back of the shirt and
into the yoke across the back.
I did a lot of fiddling to get it fitted right, but eventually it worked out.

Now onto the second part of this refashioned outfit.

Terrible picture, I know.
But I picked these out of my slash spur of the moment and wanted to get to work right away,
so I didn't invest the time to take a really good 'before' shot.

I'm a sucker for seersucker garments, and these over sized capris had a lovely light blue and white
stripped pattern.
First things first, I took in the sides by about 2 inches on each side,
sewing all the way down to the legs.
Then I chopped off all that extra material. 

Next, I folded up the bottom hem of the legs

This exposed the ugly seem on the side from where I took in the shorts.
Hmm, how to fix this?

It just so happened that the excess material from taking in the sides included
two buckle loops. These would be perfect!
I removed those little do-dads, and sewed them on right over that ugly seem.
Not only did it do a great job of hiding it, but it is a cute little detail!
And here it is all together!


My newly improved button down.

Those long darts did the trick!

I love the new rounded collar!

My new shorts made this a complete outfit!

I love how this turned out.
And they are so comfortable!

Weird face!!
My photographer loves catching me when I'm talking...

...or with my mouth open....


But he gets me to smile too. :)

In my next post, I'll mix it up and show you another refashioned look
to go with this same button down!


  1. Both pieces of clothing look fantastic, pretty lady :) Great job. Hugs!

  2. Thank you, Stephanie! What a sweet compliment, coming from a beautiful lady herself. :)


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