Saturday, September 14, 2013

It is Finished!
Mash-up Jean Weskit

It is finished!
Remember when I told you about a project I was working on
that involved a mash-up of refashioning and tradition sewing with a pattern?
After several interruptions I have finally have the finished product
and some fun after photos to show you!
Using this pattern, on loan to me from Atlanta,
I decided to make the weskit shown on this model
from a couple pairs of old blue jeans!
I 'filleted' two pairs of jeans, seem ripping
all the way up both legs so they would lay flat.

It took a little bit of planning and flipping around to get the pattern
fitted on the blue jeans like I wanted them.

Here are the two front pieces all cut out and chalked up.

And these are the two back pieces.
The original pattern only used one piece for the back,
but I had to modify it to work with my jean material.
You can't really tell from these photos,
but the back pieces are from one pair of jeans,
and the front pieces are from another,
so they have a slight color variation...I don't mind though...
I think it adds a rustic feel.

The not-so-lovely button holes.
This was my first time cutting out and stitching around button
holes on a 'raw' project.
I did just a we bit of it with my Medieval refashion, but it wasn't quite the same.
Cutting those holes was a little scary!
There is no going back after that.

 Starting to take shape with some darts in place.
Annnddd that is all I have for before shots!!
After this point, I just wanted to get it done
and forgot to take any more pictures!
It is ok, I didn't do anything special,
I just followed the directions to finish assembling it.
There were definitely some frustrating moments with this project,
and it didn't turn out looking as clean as I was hoping.
My machine was have fits and not stitching right
(an issue my wonderful, mechanically minded little brother fixed for me!).
But all in all, I like the result and I learned a lot!
I would certainly use this pattern again,
although I think I would change how wide the shoulders are...
I don't quite like how broad they make my shoulders look.
But, enough talking, here are the after pictures so you can decide for yourselves!

This is a very contemporary styling, which I have to say I really like!

At first, I was going to use bright, colored buttons,
but upon further consideration decided to use something more subtle and muted
so I could wear this weskit with a variety of colors.
 After searching through out button tin, I found the perfect match...
some lovely smooth, gray buttons.


In the cutting process, I purposely lined up the pattern so I would have
seems from the jean legs running down the front...
it gives it that princess-seem look without the work!

I did the same with the back...being very purposeful about where I put the seems
when I cut the pieces out.

The darts in this project give the weskit a great fit!
Annndd...just for fun, we did another photo shoot,
this time a little more retro feeling.

Wow! When I saw this picture, I had a flashback to an
old photo of my face looks so much like her in this shot!
Usually I don't look that much like my mother...hmmm.
Brother Anthony- "You are too serious, you look like you are falling asleep!"
Much better!

This is my "yay, it is finished" look!

Anthony: "How about you sit down...I don't think there are any stickers..."
Right about then....
Me: "Errr...I think that is a fire ant..."
"Yes...yes, it is..."

Me: "Ummm, there is a fire ant crawling on my skirt..."

 Yeah, I'm getting up now...


  1. WOW!!!!! You really did a good job for sewing. I wish you were here and you could make one for me ;)

    I also love Atlanta sewing project.

    Anyway, you look pretty with this top and your skirt too. :)


    1. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I would love to come and sew with you, I wish we could! :)

  2. Love it!!! What an awesome way to use up old jeans! I feel like with a ruffly blouse and a full skirt, you could almost look Victorian, haha. Halloween ideas!!! :)

    1. Hi, Kyrious! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I love hearing from new people. :) You are right! I hadn't quite made that connection, but it would look great with some Victorian styling. :)


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