Wednesday, June 5, 2013

7 Days Makes One...Strong!

I embarked on a week long journey of refashions, mending, and crafting
to strengthen my sewing skills.

It was also the week I decided to go through my Pinterest boards, pick out some projects
and actually DO THEM! 

So, over the course of seven days, I did 12 projects!

1.  Button Bobby Pins
A pinterest project, I think they turned out really cute, and they work so nicely!
I sewed and hot glued the buttons to the top of the pin.

2. Necktie Collar/Necklace

I had this gorgeous tie given to me, so I made my own Pinterest tie collar!
I admit, I haven't gotten up the courage to actually wear it out yet!

3. Refashion- Trousers to Pencil Skirt

This refashion was made from a pair of dress pants.
It is really simple- you seam rip the legs, sew them together in the middle front and back,
then cut the length off where you want the skirt to be.
The ridge that runs up each leg was already part of the pant design, so don't let it confuse you.

Here is the pin that will take you to a blogger's great and easy explanation
on how to make your own!
It was a really good first sewing project since it was all straight lines!

The top I am wearing in these pictures is actually from...

4. Refashion- Long Sleeve to short sleeve ruffle top

Sorry, no before picture.
This was a simple long sleeve knit shirt- I made the sleeves short and using
the extra sleeve fabric, made one wide ruffle that run up the center of the top.
Then I added different kinds of cream buttons.
In my version, I used one ruffle and ruffled it with one row of stitches down the middle.
It was easier that way as compared to the way it was done originally.
5. Refashion- Long sleeve button up to tank




 Also, another Pinterest For Real project. :)
This was my inspiration/directions-- only my top actually fit me,
so I seam ripped off the arms and changed the neckline.
6. Flower Pins/Clips

Following these directions, I made three lovely 'french pouf' fabric flowers!
I hot glued a pin to the back, that way I could wear it as a pin and still easily slip a bobby pin over it and wear it in my hair.

Hint: In making these flowers, when folding the flower cut out in half, don't be OCD like me and line the petals up so they are perfectly symmetrical- if you fold them in half messy, it actually adds to the fullness and flowery look of it. I speak from experience!

7. Refashion- Long skirt to ruffle hem

Once again, no before picture.
This was a skirt I had buried in my closet and didn't wear.
It was just a few inches short of ankle length, I chopped it off to just below the knee,
and using the left over fabric, made a ruffle hem.
It turned out pretty nice, I think I will actually wear it now. :)

8. T-shirt scarf

I whipped this scarf up one evening while watching a movie with the family.
And yes, this one I have worn out! :)
Another Pinterest project to check off my list!

The next few projects don't have pictures, because, frankly, there isn't much to show....

 9. Skirt Fix #1- take it in and take it up

This was a skirt for my little sister that sat in the mending basket for months.
Being way too big for her, I took in the entire width of the skit by sewing a line from the point on her waistband she needed, straight down to the hem. It was a very flowy skirt, so I could do this without it looking strange. Then I cut off a good 6 inches from the hem.

The left over material I used to make her a little scarf and one of those fabric flowers!

10. Skirt fix #2- box pleat
Another project for my little sister.
A really easy fix that introduced me to the box pleat.... and now I'm in love!

11. Skirt fix #3 mending hole

Pretty self explanatory.
It was one of those tushie holes, sooo, yeah, it needed fixing before I could wear it!

12. Skirt fix #4- Replace zipper

I found an adorable blue/green stripped a line skirt at a thrift store,
it was in great shape except for a broken zipper.
This was my initiation to sewing zippers, and yes, that is why I saved this project
for last on my list!
It was scary, I'll admit, especially since I loved the skirt and didn't want to ruin it,
but it turned out in the end and now I can wear it!


There you have it!
My week of crash course sewing and crafting!
I think that may possibly be the most productive week I have had in my entire life!
It felt pretty amazing to look at all I accomplished and the various sewing
skills I learned during that time.

The culmination of my week however was the project that followed...
and that is for another post.

Until then,



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