Saturday, June 1, 2013

DIY Name Plaque

I am a chronic procrastinator!

There, it is now blog official.

Once again, I was attending a wedding this past weekend and didn't have a gift!

Talk about cutting it close...I came up with a brilliant project the day before the wedding!

 It's just a fact, my creative juices flow better with
a shot of panic.

And I'm being completely serious.

So, what was I going to do?

Well, a couple days before while perusing one of my favorite blogs, ReFashionista,
I came across a post where she made some adorable invitations
by sewing paper and fabric pieces together.

It inspired me!

I decided to make a name plaque for the newlyweds using that same idea.

After a quick run to our local thrift shop, I had just what I needed.

 I picked up this slightly beat up black frame 
with a cheep computer printed picture stuck inside.

And this old antique looking book with small print words.
Also, a few pieces of fabric scraps.

Then I set to work.

First, I typed up the last name in all caps, each letter in a different font.

I printed those out a plain white paper for a test run.
I wanted to be sure of the sizing and look before I printed them on the paper I intended to use.

Tearing some of the pages out from my book, I laid them overlapping onto the back of the picture board.
Then I started experimenting with how to arrange the letters.

Next came the material scraps.
I tried finding colors and prints that worked with each other
and were in the bride and groom's color scheme. 

 Once I liked what I had laid out, I reprinted the letters onto my stationary,
cut them out, and sewed them onto the material pieces using a zig zag stitch.

I was being particular, and decided I wanted the letters closer together,
so I trimmed down the fabric blocks until I got them to look like this.

When I was completely satisfied with it all,
I used a glue stick and glued down the pages.

Then I secured the letters in place with double stick tape.

Next, using a pair of scissors, I set to work distressing the frame.

It had a few scrapes already, but after I was done with my scissors,
it looked like it was supposed to be that way. :)

 Almost done...


Lastly, I twisted a piece of copper wire around a pencil to spiral it, 
then stapled it to the back of the frame.



You can't see and fully appreciate how well the distressing of the frame
turned out from my poor photos, but trust was beautiful!

I was oober pleased with my afternoon project,
it looked like something you pay good money for at a boutique.

Frame: $2
Old Book for Background: $0.25
Material scraps: $0.10

Total: $2.35 (plus materials on hand)

Creativity pays off!


  1. ......And thoughtfully created by a friend....priceless! Beautifully done.

  2. The best part was that they loved it, and had been hoping for a name plaque for their home. :) Thanks!


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