Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Looking Back: September

where have you gone?!
My goodness...in all honesty, I can't believe we are already done with this month!
Since being chosen to participate in the second season of Refashion Runway,
I have been busy, busy, busy sewing and planning, and posting! Oh my!
The time has just flown by.
Looking back,
it has been a good, full, roller-coaster of a month!
Speaking of rides...
here are some funny shots from my first Refashion Runway project, the plaid dress.
These pictures didn't make the first cut,
but I thought I would share them with you now.
Just for fun, I was told to pose with our Gator while we were
out in the woods taking pictures.

Yeah...I could sell this...

I kind of love these next few pictures....
we were driving through the bumpy field path,
and were coming up, rather quickly, on a large terrace (big bump!)
and my brother wasn't slowing down!
While steering with one hand, he held the camera in the other,
and just started snapping away...he wasn't even aiming!

*See the bump*

*Assess the bump*

*Fear the bump*

*Brace for the bump*

Don't worry we survived.
And actually, we were still in tact enough to take this pretty cool shot right afterwards.

Big Texas Skies.
Or, pretend you are on an African safari...
both work.
September was also the month of my birthday.
Sorry, we didn't take any pictures.
But here are a few lovely things....
This is the pattern on a new scarf I got!
I love the ethnic print on it and the colors!
It looks very fall to me, which has me excited.
And then...
...my new cast iron tea pot!
I love this little dear!
Seriously, the colors, the weight,
the fact that it is cast iron and will probably outlive me...awesome!
I bought this beautiful item at World Market, one of my favorite stores!
I'm registered with them, and apparently, they give you a spending gift card for your birthday!
How wonderful is that?!
So, this is what I chose to get.
Sadly, I have already had a rather painful lesson in using her.
Steam burns.
Like, really, really bad!
I was being lazy and didn't grab a pot holder to hold my
tea pot lid on, and decided to pour my piping hot water anyway.
Bad, bad idea.
The lid slipped, releasing an angry, billowing cloud of blistering steam...
I couldn't just drop the kettle, because, it is after all heavy cast iron and full of boiling water!
So I had to endure the brutal elapse of time it took to purposely set it down.
It was really only a few seconds, but it felt like forever.
So yeah...that is how I got some nasty second degree burns on my right-hand pinky and ring finger.
Seriously, I felt a little bit like a witch, they were all blistered up and nasty looking on my birthday
(which was last Saturday, by the by).
Thankfully, they have now progressed to the really itchy, dark red, hard crusty skin stage.
TMI, I know, sorry.
And there you have it, my September in review!
How was your September?
What special sort of things happened in your life?


  1. Love the pictures! Sorry to hear of your scald - burns are so painful. But your teapot is lovely :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them! Yes indeed, they are! All better now though...except for the odd looking light pink patches on my otherwise tanned hands! Ha!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha- we were just being silly and havin' fun. :)


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