Monday, December 30, 2013

Top 5 of 2013

 Hello my dear faithful-even-when-I-don't-post-for-a-month followers!

I don't know about you, but this past month was so busy
 that blog posts were the last thing I was worried about. 
I'll admit, I did worry about it a wee bit, but hey, the reality is I have a life, you have a life, 
and that life won't end if I don't post anything on my little blog.

Aside from being busy completing a large order of my mermaid crochet dolls, 
making some (though sadly not all) of these DIY Christmas gifts,
 I also dealt with an illness immediately following Thanksgiving 
that could have landed me in the hospital. 
I still have a few issues that I need to deal with, 
but I was able to get my body back up to relative health.

As things have settled down a bit,
I have been doing some catching up on my blog reading, another thing that didn't happen over the holidays, and I have been seeing the Top 5 of 2013 posts at several blogs I frequent.
It sounds like a fun idea, so I thought I would hop on the last passing wagon!

Here is my list for...

 Top 5 of 2013: Hits

5. Minty Teal Shirt Refashion

This was a pretty easy refashion, more of a fitting job, really, than an overhaul.
But with a few little fitting tweaks and by taking off the collar,
I completely changed the fit and style of this shirt.
It quickly became one of my favorite wardrobe pieces!

4. Bubble Hem Denim Maxi Skirt Refashion

this was a pretty simple refashion.
By combining a too-small pair of jeans and a hardly-worn skirt,
I created a fun maxi skirt that I absolutely fell in love with.
All of the extra width of the skirt was gathered at the front by using a box pleat,
and this created a flowing, draped effect at the front of the skirt.
This was in strong rotation during the warmer months of summer,
and I can't wait to pull it out next season!

3. Peplum Jacket Refashion

Those of you who followed me
during the Refashion Runway challenges will remember this jacket.
 I am super proud of how it turned out, and I love all of the little details...
lightly puffed sleeves, pin tucked seams in front and back, extra buttons
and lovely metallic and burgundy thread stitching detail.
Plus, as a budding seamstress, this held many firsts, including drafting
my own peplum pattern.

2. Medieval Costume

My first real refashion challenge this past year
came when one my younger brothers needed a medieval costume
as part of his camp counselor outfit for their weekly medieval banquet.
After a thrifting trip, we came up with just the right pieces
and I was able to make a shirt, vest, cape, hat, leg wraps,
 and even the cape clasp from thrifted items!
His outfit was a hit and I was more than thrilled with the final results.

And now, for my most favorite refashion and sewing project from this year...
I give you ...

1. The Jane Costume 

Also another project from the Refashion Runway Season 2,
this is for certain my crowning achievement of 2013!
In the midst of this project, I was under pressure and a bit stressed,
but looking back, I had lots of fun putting together the details and seeing things take shape.
The best part of course was seeing the finished costume and dressing up for a fun photo shoot.

And there you have it,
my top five hits from this past year!

When I take into account that I haven't yet been sewing for a complete year,
I am so excited and pleased to look back and track my progress.
I can't wait to see what this coming year has in store!

I would like to thank Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow
for coming up this great year end review idea!


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were ill recently, Deserae. I hope you're back to yourself very soon.

    It was nice to see your top posts and especially good to see your coral peplum jacket again. I have to tell you something - that is my absolute favourite of ALL the refashions I have seen, here or anywhere, period. I love everything about it, and it looks stunning on you.

    1. Thank you, Jenny. Yes, I am doing so much better, and so glad I was able to avoid a stay in the hospital. :)

      Wow, I'm stunned that you think so highly of the peplum jacket! That is an amazing compliment, thank you so much! It did turn out beautifully, but I haven't even worn since feels so dressy and I haven't had a good place/event to wear it to yet. :)

    2. That's too bad ... perhaps you could create your own event ... I hope you get a chance to wear it before too long!

  2. just now I come to read this, so I am hoping you're doing ok now! It is great to have a look at some posts I missed. You are great and as I've todl you before, can't believe you sew for just a year (or not even there yet)...

    1. Thank you Magda! It was fun to look back at all that I sewed this year, it was amazing for *me* to see how just far I'd come.


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