Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blackhawk Up

I wonder what your story is.

What have you seen...

what are the events that have shaped your life, made you who you are?

These are things I wonder. And today I had one of those wondering moments.

Today was a beautiful summer day, over 90 degrees!, and I decided to tackle that task know as 'cleaning the car'. It needed it...bad!

So, while sunblock-coated me was outside car cleaning, a deep rumbling sound hummed in my ears,  growing increasingly louder, and it wasn't the sound of the vacuum cleaner!

I looked up to the sunny blue skies and found my answer: two very low flying Blackhawk helicopters were fast approaching. Shielding my eyes, I watched them fly right over head (literally), close enough I imagine I could almost make out a human form through the windows.

Photo by David Jackmanson via Flickr

I'm sure they saw me gawking up at them, and I thought latter how rude it was of me not to wave, but I was in fact caught up in a world of thoughts which went something like this....

See I'm a romantic. A dreamer. Sometimes just *a bit* unrealistic. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?! And...well...I couldn't help wondering about the men who occupied that cockpit.

Where were they going?
                       Where had they been?
                                          What were they thinking?
                                                         What had they seen in their time of service?
                                                                                                                Were they lonely?

I wondered these things and thought how fun it would be to meet them someday and find out. And maybe, just maybe, one of those young soldiers had espied me out that window and thought the same thing. Maybe, he mentally noted this location and vowed someday to come back and meet this nameless face that watched him go by...and maybe...

But wait.


My imagination bubble bursts...

I'm getting ahead of myself.

Faceless Mr. Right will just have to wait...

                               the backseat still needs vacuuming. *Sigh*


  1. You have such a wonderful gift for expressing things! It's good to be a dreamer too ;)

    1. Eee, I admit, it made my heart happy to read this comment! It is always nice to know that your writing is getting across. Thank you! Yes, dreaming is good...:)


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