Thursday, May 24, 2012

Course Correction?

Hey y'all!

Wowzers, I haven't been good a keeping you 'posted', have I?

Did you miss me? ;P

Well, here I am!

It has been busy around here in a lot of little ways, which means I have a ton of posts that I need to write about all that has been going on.

That tends to be a problem with me. I write things in my head and it doesn't always make it on the

BUT, yesterday a little event pushed me back into blogging mode!

Have you seen the reality show 'Hoarders:Buried Alive'? Well, yesterday I did.

Mrs. P and I were staying inside to avoid melting (it was 109F degrees!) and we watched some TV.

I gotta yell ya, that show scared the hay outta me!

I realized, 'You know what, these poor people never intended their lives to end up like they did, there were just a hundred little things that built up over time, a little event that maybe sent them over the edge, or a bunch of things they just never got around to.

And I started thinking....

I don't want life to slip away from me. WE are responsible to make good choices in keeping with the direction we want to go as individuals, staying true to what God has called us to, making course corrections to stay on the right road.


I want to write. I want to blog. And I stopped to think, "why haven't I been? What has been keeping me from it?"

The answer.


Simply it was me. I wasn't making the choice I really wanted to make.

Anyway...there is my little rant for the week!!

Instead of trying to always get the words right (*clears throat* per...* cough* ....fectionism!) find the perfect song or picture to go with my post, I'm going to just try and POST!

So....what aren't you doing that you really want to be?

Are you on the road to who you want to be?

Let's get out our road maps, spend some time with our Navigator (cause He is the Way!) and get back on track baby! 

P.S. Consequently, there may be a FLOOD of posts in the next week of so! Forgive me and enjoy. :)


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