Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Levitating Photography

"I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky...."


Hello. :)

I'm so happy you dropped by 'cause I have something fun I want to show you!

Look what I found!

I love the expression on the older lady's face!

Her name is Natsumi Hayashi, a photographer who lives in Japan. She takes and posts pictures daily of herself 'levitating'. Although I noticed that the most recent pictures up on the home page are dated nearly a year ago!  But don't worry, you go back and look at pages and pages of previous work.

I find it quite interesting, some of them are so believable.

AND for those of you who would like to do this sort of photography yourself, she explains, in detail, how she does it. What shutter speed, camera settings etc. she uses are shared under the "About" tab.

You can find it all at her site!




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