Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Liter of Light

Oh my goodness!

I just came across this video today while doing some Pinterest surfing
(not sure how I stumbled upon this one was one of those bunny trails.)

I have not heard of seen of this being done before, but what a greatly brilliant discovery!
A cheap way to generate light from recycled bottles and liquids we all have
around the house!
Granted this wouldn't be quite so easy to incorporate here in the US
considering our house structures and the huge roofs we have,
this is still a very useful thing to know in the event of economic changes
an outreach a church group could do while on a missions trip!


My mind was illuminated with this video,



  1. i ran across this one too and think i was equally intrigued. The simplicity is brilliant! I thought i could use such a thing to light a chicken coop or other small shed that had no electricity.

  2. You are right, I had never thought of using it in a setting like that!! We have both a coop and a light-less tool shed that could use a little illumination. :)


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