Friday, June 8, 2012

Waka Waka Dance

This song couldn't wait until next Monday, I wanted to share it with you now!
My good friend (the one I did the Henna with) shared this song with me
last week and I have been listening to it lots since.
It has a great beat and it is fun to watch
some of the African style dancing.

I took it a 'step' further than that and found some dance videos
so I can could do my own dancing!
I found lots of dance routines and tutorials to this song,
but I am sharing the ones I thought had the best moves and video quality.

Zumba dance moves!

This one was a little bit harder to follow the moves,
but I love the beginning steps and motion and
the waka waka part is more like the official
music video.

This one has some interesting moves too.

I think this may be my new exercise routine!
So get warmed up and

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