Monday, May 20, 2013

Emily Dickinson, A Historical Cake Recipe

Along one of my various 'bunny trails' I stumbled onto something quite interesting that I wanted to share with you.
Did you know that a recipe, handwritten in the script of the famous poet Emily Dickinson,
has survived the passing of time?
Yes, it's true!
There exists a recipe for Coconut Cake, listing only the ingredients.
Emily Dickinson's coconut cake recipe.
I found it very interesting.
Here is an article with some history on the poet as well as the original recipe, as pictured above.
It sounds like something I would like to make!
If you would too, here is a link to another blog in which the blogger takes the recipe
and provides directions for mixing and baking.
The link and article she mentions in the first few lines is the article which I initially read,
and while the recipe on *that* site isn't true to Miss Dickinson's,
it is still a diverting read.


  1. How lovely to see her handwriting in this way. I think of all the recipes I have that are handwritten by grandmothers and mother. Such treasures. Ever notice you can always follow the stains to the tried and trues?

    1. I had the same sentiment- handwriting tells so much about a person's personality, it has always intrigued me. How right you are- my favorite recipes are rather stained and tattered too...with lots of handwritten notes in the margins! :)


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