Monday, May 6, 2013


Did you notice the new look?
Yeah, I spent quite some time trying to clean up the place.
I have to say, I am thoroughly pleased with it now!
I am one of those people that is slightly (ok, maybe a lot?) perfectionistic.
If I don't totally love something, if it isn't quality- then I don't want to spend time on it.
That is kind of what this blog was- I couldn't really commit because I didn't feel really connected to
the space- it frustrated me.

For a long season, I let things sit...gathering dust and making me sad.

But that changed.

Finally, I got fed up with it and set my mind to making things change.

Thanks to the help of some lovely blog design sites like

Shabby Blogs and The Cutest Blog On The Block,
I have a new look and layout that I love!

 And now I have some specific, although varied,

subject matter that I intend to blog about.

Now I have a focus...but be warned, it is a large lens...
I don't know about you, but I'm excited!
So, enough tinkering, I'm ready to blog!

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