Sunday, March 30, 2014

Franklin Bound

You're back!

Ready for that stroll through Franklin, like I mentioned?

Then let's be off!

For the duration of about two hours, our party of six drove past scenes like this,
before arriving at our first antique shop, on the outskirts of Franklin.

There I found the most extraordinary doll house I've ever set eyes on!

The exterior was covered with tiny colorful, pebbles, and some of the windows
were made of green and red glass.

There were two stories, and a balcony!

Aspen stands next to it for scale...
she is about, oh 5.4 I would guess {Correct me if I'm wrong dear.},
and it is taller than her!

Shall we have a look inside?

This is the front door entrance...there is a room off to the left...

....which houses an lovely ceiling light and a sweet little 'hanging' painting.

The other door you saw front the entrance,
leads to a flight of stairs in the back... shall we see where they take us?

It is an adorable little stage with a painted backdrop and a chandelier!!
I mean, how cute!
This upper room was all open and very least for dolls.

While the details were darling, and while most interesting, overall I found it slightly creepy.
So I didn't get it. 
Not to mention it would fit in my suitcase.
And not to mention it cost over $200.
Yeah...not worth mentioning.

I did find a little souvenir!
I finally converted to a tea cup lover and collector last year,
and have slowly been building my collection.
I found this old, slightly stained, but still so pretty cup and saucer.

I know...they don't match.
But they are both blue, and they were together, so I went with it.

After a bit more driving we found ourselves in the heart of downtown Franklin!

Some pretty, old brick buildings.

One of our first stops was the amazing store, Anthropologie!
I've always loved the style and look of their merchandise, 
but this was the first time I had been in one of their was amazing!

Look at this scrumptious collection of vibrant dishware!!
I was completely in love.

These tea cups...I mean...*sigh*...they have little legs!

We went into many more shops...but it was so busy and full of people,
I forgot {or was too camera shy} to snap shots of each one.
I'm really not the type that feels comfortable carrying a camera around 
and taking pictures, but I always wish later that I had, so I'm working on changing that. 

We stopped for a sit down on the steps of an old church, I think it was,
which was home to this gorgeous blossoming Magnolia tree.

It was dripping with full, creamy blooms.

The bud pods were fuzzy, isn't that interesting?

Our final stop of the night was supper at Whole Foods Market.
Oh. My. Word.
I had never been in one of these stores before,
and I'm telling you, it was pretty amazing!
Any sort of healthy, natural, organic, gluten-free food can be found in this
Wal-Mart sized wonderland of edible goodness!

Oh, how I wish we had one near us.
If you live near one, please, count yourself supremely blessed.
Because you are.

Like I said,
I'm not used to carrying a camera around,
so this concludes my photographic documentation of my week-long stay in Tennessee.
Believe it or not, this was my grandest and best effort to date!
It is my dream someday to go on a trip with the understanding
that we can and will stop at any given moment for pictures...and I will
unabashedly tout my camera along with me everywhere.

Since that day has yet to come,
I hope you enjoyed my present efforts!

{If you want more pictures of our day in Franklin
you can see lots more pictures in this post at Aspen's blog!}

And guess what,
it just so happens that today is Atlanta and Jordan's 1st Year Anniversary!!
 Happy Anniversary you two! 


  1. That is such a beautiful doll house I've ever seen!!! so vintage :)
    And it seems you have good times, so glad you back here and sharing pretty things. Happy Anniversary for both Atlanta and her husband.

    1. It certainly was one-of-a-kind! So interesting. :) I did have a great time!

  2. I'm just barely 5' Des. ;)

    Blessings -

    ~ Aspen

    1. Really? Well, thank you for correcting me! :) Does it make you feel better that I thought you were taller? :)

  3. What an amazing and lovely doll house! Your trip looked delightful - thanks for sharing with us :) Hugs to you!

    1. It was indeed! I just *had* to take pictures and share it! :)

  4. Magnolias are so beautiful, aren't they!

    I love reading your descriptions - you have a wonderful way with words.

    1. They are! After this trip, I've decided I want a Magnolia tree. :) Thank you Jenny!! I feel beautiful things need be described with equally beautiful words.

  5. I love the pics of Franklin! I've only been to Franklin once and it was amazing. Me and Stockton spent two weeks last Summer with Atlanta and Jordan an we had so much fun!. We where coming back from the Zoo in Nashville and stopped by the health food store and got a quart of lemonade and a pint of ice cream apiece!. It was the best trip ever!
    ~ Carolina Shannon

    1. Atlanta told me all about that trip- it sounds like you had a wonderful time! It was a fun city, with so much to see and explore! :)

  6. How much fun!!! I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. I would love for you to accept it but I understand if you don't want to :) The details are on my blog here

    1. I'm sorry for the extremely tardy response- thank you so much for the nomination, McKenna! :)


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