Monday, July 14, 2014

Animal Babies!

Animal babies!
Need I say more?!

Everyone knows spring brings babies,
and we saw the proof of that here on our little country acres this spring and early summer.

I'm gonna make a confession right here and now...
these pictures....I kind of took them like...almost a month ago.
But I'm too lazy to go take new ones (AND it is reallllyyyy hot outside, so I know you'll forgive me).
Besides these are SO cute!
Just know, all the babies are growing up!

Say hello to this little cutie!!
This adorable pup was a a stray that some of our town friends
found wandering about.
After asking around and putting up posters that sat for a week without response,
we decided she was a drop off, so we got to keep her!!

We don't know what breed she is, her coloring looks similar to a German Shepherd, but she has small paws and a curly tail.
We *do* know this much... she is 100% adorableness!

Case in point.

She loves eating the garden plants and cooling off in the damp dirt.
I told her she really shouldn't be doing that....

...and this is the face I got.
Those eyes!!

Her name you ask?
After changing numerous times over the course of three weeks...
Pepper...Pipper...Princess...Paddy...and those were just the ones we tried out,
we finally stuck with Lucy.
What do you think?
Did we make a good choice?

Let's move on to some of our more furrier editions.

Our first batch of kittens were 'The Wild Ones', given the name
because their mom was the daughter of a stray wild cat that adopted us.

I give you Miss Fluffykins.
She is the only long haired fluffy kit in the bunch.

And as you can see, my sister's favorite.

The two boys we named (respectively) Milo and Otis.
Childhood memories anyone?
Yeah, yeah, I know Otis was a dog...and Milo should have been the orange cat. was a cute idea, and my memory just slipped a little and I got the names mixed up.
Still stinkin' cute if you ask me. 

Otis, occasionally called Cheese Puff, is my little brother's buddy.

And the mild mannered, tummy rub lovin' Milo is my baby.
He will just lay in your hand, on his back, while you stroke his tummy.
So sweet!

Lucy wasn't quite sure what to think about the fur balls with legs.
She got used to them and would tease them mercilessly.
In sad honesty, just a couple days ago while we were gone for the weekend, 
she got a little too rough and friendly and we lost one of our little kitties from the later bunch. :(
No fun.
Now we are being extra careful to watch her and train her to leave them be.

The later batch here was from one of our favorite momma kitties, Buttons.
She birthed five kittens, one didn't make it, and was left with these four, now three.

Not long after, Wild Momma Cat up and left, so Buttons adopted
the three Wild Kids as her own, with a little help from the Kitten Relocation Services...aka,
concerned kids of the house.

The kittens from right to left we named Callie, Zeus, Daisy and Percy.

Zeus is my favorite from this batch.
I love them in this early, baby tiger, folded back ear stage!!

That should give you your cute fix for the day!
By the way...want a kitten?

Here is to the dog days of summer.


  1. oh my who can resist these beauties?

    1. My thoughts too! :) Everyone loves animals babies.


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