Saturday, July 19, 2014


Sometimes a girl just needs a little change.
Last weekend I decided to make that change, and it is one I've been planning since last fall...
I dyed my hair red!

Why red?
Because every time in the past that I have tried to color my hair a nice brown color,
it turns out with a red tint to it. I always tell them 'warm' tones, maybe that is where I went wrong...??
My grandma has told me that her hair always throws red when she tried dying it,
so maybe it is just in my hair code?
Anyway...I thought I would give in and actually color it red this time.
 I also did a little choppage while I was at it...just simple stuff...split ends, an attempt at layering in the back, and evening up my not-bangs.

Although this isn't the first time I've colored my hair, it is the first time I have done it at home by myself!
I was a little nervous, but once you jump in and get started, it really isn't rocket science.
I like the results fine, but I was hoping for that deeper, darker red tone, truer to the depiction on the box.
Just one week later, I already see it fading, even though it is supposed to be permanent.
Originally, I wanted to use Henna as a dye. But after a little research, I learned henna is very permanent.
You can't remove it or dye over it, or your hair might start smoking!
So, if I didn't like the red, I was stuck until it grew out.
I figured for $3 bucks I could get an ammonia free dye at Wal-Mart and do a far less scary test run.

Let me take this opportunity to draw your attention to the jean vest I'm sporting.
It was thrifted quite a few months back, but ended up sitting atop my large refashion pile
because it was just a bit too bulky.
Finally, I sewed some darts into the side seams and took it in. Simple fix.
It doesn't really qualify as a refashion, but I figured I could squeak it in this way.

This top.
I am in love.
Also a piece that has been in my refashion pile for a long time. But I really don't know why!?
I literally pulled it out just a couple days ago and there is nothing wrong with it. 
I've been wearing it ever since- it is so comfortable and I just love the print. 
You can't tell with it tucked in, but it has a loose fit and rounded hem.

 And these shoes!
They are currently my favorite pair, and my most recent thrift score.
And when I say recent, I mean two months ago. I haven't been thrifting a lot lately.
Too busy and broke! That, and I feel bad buying more clothes when my refashion pile is overflowing!
(That might be a sign I need to get back to refashioning, huh?!)
 Outfit: Jean Vest: thrifted ||Top: from a friend, Aeropostale ||Skirt: thrifted, refashioned 
Shoes: thrifted ||Belt: Bealls, old

How about you?
Is there a change you have been contemplating for a while?
Have you colored your own hair, and if so what products do you recommend?


  1. I used to colour my hair with dye, but now use henna, as the last time I used dye it burnt my skin. I like red as well, as I have mousy brown hair. The henna does fade a bit over time (although people tel you it won't), but last much better than conventional dye. Henna does grow a bit darker over time, so if it seems a bit orangy at first, it can turn darker. Good advice that I received in using henna is to mix it with a bit of lemon juice which will also make it less Bozo the clown and more real red. Ultimately, the colour of your own hair determines the end result.

    1. Wow, thank you for sharing that! That is so helpful to know! Now that I know I like the red, I plan to do it in henna next time. Do you know if you can henna dye over already colored hair?

  2. You look absolutely lovely with your new red hair and it looks like you were born with the pretty red :) I have a lot of red tones in my hair and when I'm in the sun it really stands out so I guess if I ever colored my hair dark than I would probably be like you and go with red. I had blonde hair once and loved it, but it was just too much upkeep. . .now I just keep it natural.

    Anyway, you look amazing, Des! Hugs to you!

    1. Now my cheeks are blushing red, thank you, Stephanie! Hmm, I bet you looked beautiful with blonde hair! I can understand the work of upkeep, especially if you go to a lighter color though. You wear your natural color wonderfully! :)

  3. you look amazing...
    ang i get you about having a huge refashion pile... and i was given another huge pile recently...

    1. Thank you, Magda!! I'm really loving it- I only wish it didn't fade so fast. Amazing, isn't it, how that pile seams to grow on its own? ;)

  4. Fun to try new things and you look beautiful in RED. I think your natural color is lovely too.

    1. I love trying new things, and my hair is certainly not exempt from what gets experimented on. :) Thank you! I really love the red! I have to admit, I rarely like my natural color, but thank you for saying it is pretty too. :)


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