Saturday, July 12, 2014

Smuggled Identity, Short Film

Some of you are familiar with my brother's YouTube channel,
and are aware that they make short skits and films.
If not, you can read this post as well as this one, to get in the know.
I remind you of them because today I am excited to announce the release 
of our latest project and short film,
Smuggled Identity
Filmed this past spring, I was excited to have my first major, speaking role in this project!
Not only that, but I was brought on board with script writing and editing.
I'm pretty proud of the little work, comparatively, that I was able to contribute.
It was a lot of fun, and helped me better understand the world of filming
that these boys have set their sites on.
To date, this is the biggest undertaking they have tackled!
In total, it took about six days of filming, only two of which I was part of,
and countless hours of editing!
All around, we really enjoyed making this film!
My brothers were able to work out the fight choreography with friends, 
throw each other around the house, and in general just enjoy playing heroes and villains.
For me, it was fun to explore the emotions of being a bad guy.
I tried to take it seriously, and really put some effort into my performance.
What do you think?
Would Loki be proud?!
 I hope you enjoy!


  1. We love it!!!! very good job!!!! You make a great "government agent" :-)

    1. Thank you!!!! All of your exclamation points made me happy. :) Yeah, I kinda sorta don't like to watch this too many times because I'm so many mean in it! But it gets the point across.

  2. Wow!!! That was really good! Awesome message!!!! =D =D It's cool, I'll be working on set of a film that's doing almost the same message. Totally awesome! =D Well done, guys!!

    By the way, Caleb looked just like the guy that stars in 'The Greatest Game'...

    1. Thanks! That sounds fun and exciting! Who are you working with for this project? Is it a pretty big production?


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