Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hand Painted Thriftstore Mugs...Fail?

 Give a girl two thrifted mugs.
Two painter pens.
40 minutes.

And what do you get?

T H E S E!

 Free-hand, one of a kind painted mugs!
Believe it or not, I took pictures of flowers on our shower curtain and referred to them for inspiration!
Pretty darling, huh?

Now...I need to make a confession.
These were done a long time ago.
How long you ask...errmmm...last November?!
Why the long wait to share?
Well, it is kind of a half success/half fail project, 
and I don't like sharing things with you unless I have it figured out!
So actually, I'm coming to you for help!
Here is the situation.

Originally I was going to paint these using the infamous colored sharpie method from Pinterest.
However, after doing some research, I found lots of failed sharpie projects.
The poor dears put so much time and effort into beautifully, detailed designs
only to discover it scratched right off, even after baking.
I like to make my own mistakes, but I have no problem learning from those of others,
so I decided to go another route.

At Wal-Mart I purchased two Painters Brand Opaque Paint Markers
one medium-point blue and the other metallic silver in fine point.
Truthfully, I couldn't tell a difference in the applicator size and wish they had been smaller.
I found the points too big to do small, fine detail work.

Though I took another route, I'm sorry to say that I ended up in the same predicament as
the failed Sharpie gals. Even after baking my mugs twice, the design scratches off with my fingernail!

My poor, drooping heart!

Upon some investigation I discovered that these were acrylic paint pens.
The pens themselves were not labeled anywhere saying acrylic, I only found that out by visiting the product website and reading up on them.

Acrylic = non permanent, not food safe as is.

 This is where I need your help.
I want to preserve my designs if I can, but I still want to keep them food-safe. 
In this wide, wonderful wold of crafters, I'm hoping one of you can give me some hard earned knowledge from hands-on-experience as to how I can fix and improve upon this situation!
Is there something food safe I can coat these with?
What sort of paints should I use in the future that are food safe but permanent? 

I would love to do more painted ceramic projects, 
it was quite addicting and the results are so rewarding!
There are dozens of ideas floating around in my head (and some on my Pinterest boards).
Colored paint, colored mugs, stencils, sayings, many designs, so many possibilities! 

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