Saturday, August 23, 2014

Host a Clothing Swap Party!

What better way to clean our your closet than to have a fashion show 
with your good friends and get some new digs in return?!

That is just what three of my lady friends and myself did last Saturday
when I hosted what will most likely become an annual (seasonal?!) event!

I hosted a Clothing Swap Party!

If you haven't heard about clothing swaps, let me fill you in.

A clothing swap is like shopping your friends' closet.
Everyone brings an agreed minimum amount of items,
that can include clothes, accessories, shoes etc. that are in good, clean condition.
Our group agreed upon at least 10 pieces, and we kept it to clothing and accessories.

To make things easier, I recommend hanging up your clothing items.
We all pitched in and organized the clothes by tops, skirts, pants, and jackety-things (a new term we invented) and it made it go really quickly!

I would recommend marking your hangers by tying a colored ribbon on them,
or putting a piece of colored tape around it, to avoid mix ups with other swappers.

After the clothes were all organized this is how I chose to proceed.
Instead of going at it all at the same time, we took turns, each lady drawing a number to determine what order we would 'shop' in.

But before we started shopping, we got to look over the items,
and each lady was given an equal amount of stickers that she could use to mark the pieces 
she wanted.

 When your turn came around, you were allowed to pick 3 pieces.
If two ladies had marked or 'claimed' the same item, we just did a little fashion show,
and had each one try on the piece, to see which it fit better.
 There really were no problems in this area, everyone was very gracious.

Once everyone had about three turns each, 
we just went in and picked through the leftovers together.
It was really relaxed, we simply asked, "Does anyone mind if I take piece," or "is anyone else interested in this?" and it worked out very smoothly.

Everyone ended up with several pieces that they really liked and looked great on them.
One thing I did notice that I found interesting was that on at least two occasions,
someone tried on a piece that they really weren't sure about, but when they modeled 
it in front of the others, they received a wonderful response that they hadn't expected!

It was a lot of fun and everyone agreed that we need to do it again
I ended up with a pretty intimate group, only four ladies including myself,
and I was worried there wouldn't be enough items to generate a good mix to choose from,
but it ended up working out great! Everyone brought more than 10 pieces, which helped a lot.
 Since it was a ladies get together,
I used it as a excuse to try out a new Pinterest recipe, and a special girly one at that!
They turned out pretty good, although I would make a few adjustments in the future.

So there you have it, ladies get together with new clothes and dessert!
 I call that a triple win!

Have any of you been to a clothing swap? 
Anxious to host one?
I hope this gives you a great idea for a ladies night out!


  1. I must admit that I have never heard of this before, but what a fabulous idea! Sounds like great fun :) Hugs to you!

    1. Really?! How fun that I was able to introduce you to something new! I started hearing about clothing swaps sometime last year, I think it was. They actually have shops out on the coasts that function on these premise- they have gotten really popular in some areas of the country. People do them differently, I sort of combined techniques and ideas from a couple of different "How To" and "Rules For Swapping" posts, and it worked great for our little group! I hope you give it a try sometime, it is such a great way to circulate unused clothes and have a good time with friends. :)

  2. This sounds like fun but the few friends I have, are much bigger than I am... lol...

    1. Haha, oh dear, that does put a damper on things. But it is a lot of fun! Maybe you can find a way to make it work in the future. :)


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