Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Someone Always Mourns:
On the Passing of Robin Williams and To Those Who Contemplate Suicide

weeping statue

 Someone always mourns.
You will always be missed.

You have robbed the world of your presence, and left a hole that cannot be filled.

No matter who you are. What you have done.

You cannot make the choice to exit this world 
and not open questions and sorrow in the hearts left behind.

I am deeply saddened. No. My heart aches over the lately departed Robin Williams. 
To be so appreciated, applauded, and respected, he left this world alone and hurting. 
I wish so earnestly that someone could have given him Hope. 
The Hope that could have saved his life here and eternally.
Hope and Peace...the Ultimate Hope and Peace that comes by no other name then that of Jesus. 
That name alone could have silenced Williams' demons.

I grew up with his voice, his kind and funny face. 
And though I never met him, never reached out to him...as a person that existed not to him, 
I feel a sad, gray emptiness that he has gone. 
I didn't always support every role and work that he committed himself to, but I recognized in him a genuine, compassionate person...a soul of deep waters. 
He refreshed a thirsty world, yet couldn't calm the stormy waves that raged inside. 
And I sorrow for him.

To anyone who considers ending their life, STOP.
Stop and see the ripples from Williams' death. 
The man had his demons, he had his legitimate issues...
but see the flood of well wishes, supporters, admirers and tear streaked faces he leaves in his wake. 
Those same people could have been his support system. 
You are never alone. 
Your absence will not go unnoticed. 
There is always someone who mourns. 

My children will grow up in a world without the talented, funny and kind hearted man found in Robin Williams that through the wonder of film, made himself at home in my childhood.
Now, when his name is mentioned they will say "Robin who?" and will grow up thinking of him as the dead guy who does the voice of Genie. 
There will be no personal connection...
a curtain has been drawn over time that they can never be seen through clearly. 

That is the same sort of hole you will leave if you take your life too, friend. 
You are not killing your demons, you are leaving them to haunt your loved ones.
You are not bringing to an end the loneliness you feel, you are only further and forever separating yourself further from those living and those you could have met in the future.


And if you have not made the choice to accept Jesus...you are not ending a life of torment and coming into peace, you are leaving the only world where an invitation of Peace has been offered to you and entering into an eternal world of torment.

And there is always someone who mourns.

When you leave this world without Christ as your Savior....God mourns. 

He mourns that you will be forever separated from Him in your eternal life because you didn't make the choice to be with Him in this present life. 
It is your choice. 
You can choose life...or you can choose death.

 "This day...I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life..."
~Deuteronomy 30:19~

These words were a challenge and an invitation issued by God Himself.
Daily, He invites us to choose life...
and the Bible says in John 14:6 that Jesus said of himself, " I am THE Life".

I pray you choose Him.

I pray you choose Peace. 

I pray you choose Hope.

I pray you take the Hand that can lift you from the stormy waves.

I pray you heed the Voice that can silence your demons.

I pray... 
you choose Life.


  1. Well said, Des. I wholeheartedly agree.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm glad it came across as such...this was out of the normal realm of posts, but it something I wanted to say. Thanks for listening!

  3. I loved it, dearest. I could feel the sadness in your message and it brought tears to my eyes. I miss him so terribly much, especially for the fact passed away alone, sad, and without the grace of God. I grew up with him in my life as well and it has been difficult for me to grasp the thought that he is no longer among us.
    I will miss him terribly and cry for where he is now.
    He was such a funny, friendly, & tender soul. He found his way into my heart where no other actor has succeeded.
    Thank you, Desarae. Very sweet and touching.

    1. Your comment here was touching to read, Kayla! I think we both feel the same way, it is great to have someone who understands. Funny how we can feel so close and connected to someone we have never met, but it is true. He was one of the greats and one of my favorites.


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