Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Basket Weave Pattern Crochet Baby Afghan

Before I knew how to sew,
I spent most of my crafty energies crocheting,
and often I had orders from family to crochet baby blankets.

This is one of the patterns I liked to turn to,
granted, this pattern will use more yarn than a blanket of the same size in a different pattern,
but you can't beat the dense, thick, lush feel of this blanket.

 I don't have this pattern written down row for row,
but it is a repeating pattern so it is really easy to figure out.

Worked in one piece,
the squares are created by working front post double crochet (FpDc) 
and back post double crochet (BpDc).
A post stitch is done by crocheting around the post
(with the post either in front or in back of your hook)
instead of working in the top stitches as you normally would.

Here is a great video that explains this technique.

So all you are doing is a double crochet (dc) either in front or in back of the post.

This pattern is:
10 squares across x 12 squares high,
each square is 15 dc across, and 10dc rows high.

So essentially, just dc in the front and back of the posts to create the look of squares,
and once your squares are 12 rows high,
you change your order of front and back posting to change the pattern.

Once you start working this pattern you won't need directions or row by row run through!
Buuuuttt, just to help you along, here is a rough pattern.


 Basket Weave Baby Afghan Pattern (rough) 

Hook: H
Yarn: any type, I use soft, baby yarn
1.5 lbs of yarn (4 normal 8 oz skeins, you may not use all 4)
1 skein for trim, in contrasting, complimentary color (optional)   

  Starting chain 153 (10 squares across x 15 dc in each square + 3ch for beginning dc).

Row 1: Dc across, ch3, turn
Row 2: (It doesn't matter if you start with the FpDc or the BpDc one this first row- just pick one)
*FpDc in next 15 dc, BpDc in next 15dc* repeat to end of row. Ch3, turn

(I suggest keeping a row marker at the beginning  row of each square,
this makes it easier to know when to switch.)

Row 3: *BpDc in first 15 st (should be on top of BpDc from previous row), FpDc in next 15 st (also should be on top of FpDc from previous row)* repeat to end of row. Ch 3, turn

*When you turn the work your pattern is flipping, you are not actually
alternating rows, though it looks like it on paper.

Repeat rows 2-3 until your square is 12 rows high.
Now change so you are back posting on top of the front post row of 15dc, and front posting on the back post 15dc row. This creates the changing of the squares.
Mark the beginning of this row, the change in the pattern for your next square.

Repeat like rows 2-3 to complete your next row of squares.
Continue working in this manner.
You will see the pattern clearly, and you will know when to change!
End off.

The edging is a half double crochet (hdc) shell and post pattern

Start in corner along the smaller, top edge of blanket.
ch2 (counts as hdc) and 1 hdc in corner, *ch 1, skip two st, 2 hdc in space between dc,*
repeat until you reach the other corner.
In corner, 2hdc, ch1, 2hdc, ch 1, hdc around each dc stitch down the side- do not chain in between.
When you reach the bottom corner, do as other corner (2hdc, ch1, 2hdc)
 return to ch 1, sk two, 2 hdc along the bottom edge.
Do next corner same as last, repeat 1 hdc around each dc up the next side
When you reach the corner you started in,
do 2 hdc, ch1 then connect to top stitch of starting ch 2.
Finish off, weave in ends securely.

This is an indulgent pattern...because the way the stitches are worked, your rows aren't quite as tall, thus your yarn doesn't go quite as far as other patterns might, but I absolutely love the outcome! 
It is so beautiful both in texture, weight and appearance.

How about you,
do you sacrifice practicality for the sake of appearance and overall outcome
in your crafting projects?

Do these 'cooking without measuring' type of crochet directions make sense,
or are you a strict row by row type of crocheter?

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  1. woolen clothes are my fav. I always wanted to learn this perticular pattern and I tried it too. It is helpful. I want your view on my blog


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