Sunday, September 7, 2014

More Mer...Maids and Men

I never imagined when I shared my first
crocheted mermaid doll that it would be so well received, by cyber and real life friends alike!

It wasn't long after making my first doll that I received an order from a friend
for eight more!!

Here is what I came up with...

 I had fun coming up with different hair and fin combinations...not to mention eye color!

 of course, who doesn't want a little romance...mermaids are no exception,
so a merman order soon followed.

Here is my hunky mer of a man!

You can barely see it, but he has a cock eyed grin.

As with the ladies, I find the hair and facial details the most challenging part,
but I think he turned out lookin' pretty good.

"Look at you, still all muscly and everything."

As it goes with people mers in love, 
I expect there to be a couple of merbabies by Christmas. ;)

For those of you who have asked about this pattern,
after making nine of the ladies, I have a pretty good working pattern down,
and with a little more work I can probably do the same with the merman.
I plan to offer these patterns for sale on Etsy in the future...but right now, there is no definite date. 
I will be sure to announce it here on the blog when I do though!


  1. Yes! I will be wanting merbabies for Christmas I'm thinking about a boy and a girl maybe the girl with light orange hair and a white tail. For the boy, maybe blond hair with a dark blue tail?????? just an idea!

    1. Haha- ok, good to know your color preferences. :) I'll have to wait and get the 'official' order from you mom though. ;)

  2. do you have your mermaid & merman crochet patttern for sale?I went to fed heart web site and the pattern for body and tail are gone from site.I have a etsy account if you have a store I could go to.Your dolls are so beautiful.Thank You, Melissa M Marshall


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