Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in the Stitch of Things

Cross stitch.

Sometimes there is nothing quite so relaxing.

*Plunk, plunk* hums the needle as it performs its tiny acrobatic jumps,
in and out of fabric holes.

Yes, cross stitching is a pleasant occupation for one's fingers,
and lately mine have been going like the wind!

I have been cross stitching for years, but for some reason, I had gotten away from it.
I confess, until recently, I haven't picked up the needle since we moved to Texas.

It was long overdue.

If you asked, I couldn't tell you what sparked my fingers to take it up again,
but I'm oh so glad I did.

Mother's Day is how it all started, or I should say, re-started.

One day while searching ebay listings,
I came across an adorable kit I just had to make for my grandmother!
Her birthday had long since passed, but low and behold I was but a month away from Mother's Day!
I ordered it and finished it all within a matter of days.

This particular project was worked on sail cloth, a material I had not worked with before.
It involved a bit more patience since there are no predetermined holes in the material
as with Aida cloth.
But it was printed pattern, so I need only follow the x's and it turn out fine.

I would show you a picture of it framed and matted, but I'm having technical
difficulties getting that photo to show up without rotating.
(I'm still new to this blogging thing!)

After 'sailing' through that project with flying colors,
I was inspired and anxious to move to another project.
There was still time enough before Mother's Day (barely!)
for me to complete a piece to give to my own mother.

It took diligent, nearly around the clock work,
but in one weeks time (and just in the nick of time)
I had it finished!

Here is how it turned out, frame and all.

This was a great counted pattern worked on large 11 count Aida cloth.
I love how real the eye turned out on this Holstein and the warmth in its gaze.

With those two finished works behind me,
I was reminded of a long unfinished cross stitch piece, lurking, buried, in my craft toat.

Now, this particular undertaking is one of my very first stitching endeavours.
It was a a thrift store cast off, barely started, rescued and given to me by
my other grandmother many years ago.

Far too big an enterprise for a young, budding stitcher,
it was set aside...then picked up, then set aside several times over!

This really is the piece de resistance of my cross stitch portfolio!
More than 10 years in the making, it is as close to finished as it can be at this time.
See, I ran out of thread for one hat, and since this was a kit,
I will need to take the piece to the store in order
to get an accurate color match.

ASIDE FROM THAT, it is finished!
And here it is!

This measures 21 inches across and 11 inches from top to bottom!
This was a large piece!
For a little bit of perspective, the peach hat in the top right hand corner
is about the size of the palm of my hand, slightly larger actually.

Here is one of my favorite hats! I loved the colors
and the adorable hat pins.

The rose on this sun hat turned out just lovely!

Another gorgeous specimen of the millinery.

I will share a couple more completed projects
and my continuing works in progress.

Until then...



*All pictures taken by Anthony P. and property of this blog

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