Friday, July 20, 2012

Pinterest for Real: Pizza Grilled Cheese


The greatest thing since Google, agreed?

Of course you do.

there is a downside to Pinterest, as I'm sure you will also agree.
That being: way. too. much. time. spent. pinning!

Not to mention we tend to devour the pins more than the actual food on the pins.

So, to alleviate my guilty conscience (and rumbly tumbly),
I started a Pin board called 'Pinterest For Real'
that I plan to fill with things I have actually made and done!

I consider it my passport of 'stamps' on my journey
from a see-er to a do-er.

Join me?

Here is some inspiration.
This is one of my favorite recent  recipes.

Pizza Grilled Cheese

2 slices of bread
mozzarella cheese, sliced
Italian seasoning (or basil)
Parmesan cheese

pizza sauce for dipping

Warm a medium/large skillet over medium heat.
Butter each piece of bread on one side.
Place a piece of bread butter side down on the skillet,
add one slice of cheese,
small shake of Italian seasoning (or basil)
and a good sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.
Top with a desired amount of pepperonis (I used about 9 slices per sandwich).
Add another slice of mozzarella, sprinkle more seasoning and Parmesan if desired
(and I desired it!)
Top with slice bread butter side up.
(At this point I covered the pan, this helped the cheese melt better)
When bottom slice is golden brown then flip over carefully.
Once both sides are brown remove from pan cut and serve with pizza sauce if desired.

1. I made this on Wal-mart's "Everything" (sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds, Parmesan etc)
french bread and it was wonderful!

2. I made this same recipe but substituted chicken breast lunch meat and it was great.
I even using the pizza dipping sauce!

3. Make a 'cheese pizza' variation with out the pepperoni (good for the little kids.)

4. We made this with Turkey Perrperoni (some family members are allergic to pork).

 These are super simple and taste great!
I was sceptical at first that the flavor wouldn't be very good
on normal, run of the mill bread.
But it turned out oh so tasty!
We've been making these quite regular for the past few weeks.

So get grillin' and enjoy!


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