Monday, August 12, 2013

Fix It: Too Low Neckline

It's a common problem.
You find an adorable shirt or dress,
but the neckline is too low.

Sometimes you can slip a cami on underneath, or add a modesty panel.
But there is a quick little fix I've found that works well with pieces that have tank tops or strappy sun dresses.

All I did was measure the amount of strap that I wanted to take up,
folded it over itself in the back, close to where the strap connects to the dress, then sew over it.

 See what I mean? You pinch together the excess strap, right sides together, then sew across it.
Now next snip off that extra little loop of a strap, and your are done.


This is what the back (wrong side) of the strap looks like after I cut off the excess.

I did this with two dresses and one tank top... worked great for me!

Be sure to try on your top with the straps pinned up before you sew it.
Sometimes, the straps are long enough that you can do this without tampering how the rest of the garment fits, but with some shirts it will pull the arm holes up too far and make them too tight and uncomfortable. 
Be sure this isn't the case with your piece!

Simple, but a good, quick little fix.


  1. Thanks for the helpful tip :) I have the same problem of shirts being too low...I usually wear a tank top under my shirts. Have a lovely day!


    1. You're welcome, I hope this solves some of those problems. :)


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