Thursday, August 22, 2013

More Thrifted Treasures

So, along with a wonderful tea party, chicks flicks and ice cream,
guess what else my sister, Nana, and I did last week?
We went to the thrift store.
I know, I know.
I'm kind of addicted.
But in my defense, I was going to look for some things specifically,
namely, some pretty fabric for future sewing projects.
Here is what I found!

I found three good chunks of lengthy fabric, including a gorgeous deep plaid!!
I love plaids...especially rich, jewel tones.

I've been wanting to try my hand at making a fabric belt,
and this pretty metal buckle will help me with that.
There were several bins full of dusty, sewing patterns hidden on a bottom shelf,
but my sniffles and cramping calves paid off.

Look at this cute pattern!
For a while now, I've been wanting to make a jumper, like the blue one depicted on this pattern.
I love the full skirts and huge pockets. With the aid of this pattern, I have a winter project in mind, we'll see what happens with that!

Here is another versatile pattern, good for making camis, and those little jackets are cute too.

The option I'm most interested is, is that light, cute cinch waisted jacket.
How cute would that be as a cover-up for a strappy sundress?
Especially with lace and a cute ribbon tie like they show.
This will be a great go to pattern for nice shirts,
I love the short sleeve top with the cute lightly puffed sleeves.

This. This. This is the pattern I am most excited about!!
This is a wrap around apron!
It could even be worn as a wrap around dress, apparently.
How great is that?!

 After this summer, I decided I wanted a full length apron cover up that I can easily put on to keep my clothes clean when I step out to get eggs, pick stuff from the garden etc. free from the worry of getting my clothes dirty or snagged on something.
I'm excited about this one!
So, there you have it.
Are you as excited about the apron as I am?
Or did you like one of the other patterns instead?


  1. Oh my friend, and I cant wait how it look like for the next time.
    The fabric black is my favorite too, and I love the vintage patterns that you found.
    Such treasures!
    Enjoy your projects with these treasures :)
    Have a great day,

    1. Thank you, Delvalina! I am excited about making some beautiful things with my treasures! I'll be sure to post my completed projects on here. I have way too many projects to do and not enough time! :)

  2. My mom made me that sun dress and cute little jacket. When I was in the 7th grade in 1982. I had totally forgotten all about that dress. Oh how I wish I had her old patterns now to sew for my girls.

    1. How fun! I'm glad I could bring back a good memory. :)


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