Saturday, August 31, 2013

Looking Back: August

Can you believe the last official month of summer is over?!
Next month will be the start of fall!
At least that is what is they teach you in in Texas the months don't
exactly follow the typical seasonal changes.
At any rate, we are starting a new month, and in my experience,
these last few months of the year go by faster than all the rest...
kind of like the last quarter of gas in your car goes faster than the first.
August was full and eventful for myself and my family,
but sadly we don't have many pictures to show for it! :)

What I do have are some cute pictures of a couple Horny Toads, or Horned Lizards,  we happened upon in our outdoor wanderings.
We have been seeing a lot more of them as of late.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been helping Dad with another big job
and we have been working on a ranch way out in the rugged boonies.
That is where we came across this little guy! 

It's a baby Horny Toad!
 So tiny!
I have never seen one this small before!
His body, not including the protruding legs and head,
was probably the size of a 25 cent piece!

Here he is in my little brother's hand.
If you stroke their soft underbellies and neck, they will fall right to sleep.
This little guy however didn't like getting his belly rubbed...but he did like getting his head pat.

Isn't he cute?!
He calmed right down after being stroked and petted a bit... just sit there and fall asleep.

Now here are some pictures of what a full grown Horny Toad looks like!

See how bit this fella is?
And he is even in Dad's hands this time!

The big ones look a little more intimidating,
not quite so cute and cuddly,
and their spikes are more firm.
But they aren't really sharp or dangerous.

Their underbellies are soft, just like a toad's.
This one was really fat!
When upset, they puff obviously, he must have been a bit upset.

Horny Toads are endangered, so it is illegal to keep them as pets.
So after their brief, glimmering moment of fame,
we put both our spiky friends back where we found them.
Though I have to admit, I was really tempted to keep Baby!
I hope you all had a wonderful August!


  1. Okay, call me a "girly-girl," but you are VERY brave to touch one of those :) I used to catch toads when I was younger, a lot younger, but now I am a scaredy-cat :) The little one is actually kind of cute though. Have a great day! Hugs!

    1. LoL- your comment made me smile. :) Thank you, but really, I'm not that brave by nature. Living in Texas with lots of creepy crawlies and a family with four boys makes some things necessary, so one just adapts. :) I still don't like bugs and I leave the other lizards alone. And snakes. I *hate* snakes.


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