Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day #11: A Traveling Story

 Want to know a secret?
I hate flying.

Photo: Flying over Minnesota

Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word, but I certainly don't like it.

However I've kept it no secret on this blog that I want to travel.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Yeah, see, in just a few seconds you made the connection
that flying fears and world wanderings don't exactly co-habitat very well.

Believe it or not,
it wasn't until this past December that I was able to connect the dots.

My brother and I had the chance to go visit some of our family
in Minnesota just before the holidays.
And while I was really looking forward to the trip- I was dreading flying.

I would much rather make the 24 hour drive than fly it!

I was almost making myself sick with anxiety.

it isn't the act of flying so much that I dislike,
it is security and whole rigmarole of maneuvering the airport,
gates, times, tickets, luggage, that gets my stomach in a knot.

When I was younger, I used to fly on many occasions
in a small 4-seater airplane with my uncle.
Back in those days I had lots of problems with my ears hurting,
and that was the reason behind my fear of flying
Since then, my ears don't pain me like they used to,
but I don't fly in a small 4-seater any more either.

 So, the nigh before our departure to Minnesota
I was in the throes of anxiety, when it suddenly struck me...
"This just won't do. 
Someday, I want to travel to other parts of the world.
I certainly can't walk there!
In order to get where I want, I have to overcome this fear!"

This gave me just the transfusion of steal I needed in my veins
to march tall and unshaken through the airport.

Never mind that in the midst of my confident stride down the loading ramp,
 I left before the stewardess could give me my ticket.
Never mind that my brother had to grab my ticket along with his own and jog after me
so I could even get on the plane.
Never mind that this scene played out in the view of a dashing fellow traveler,
who in fact, I was trying to put on my best "I got this" act for.
That doesn't matter.

What matters is that I made a giant step towards overcoming my flying fears.
Even if that means my brother jogging after me, I still feel it was great progress.

Cold? Who's cold! I'm Epic Man!

What's orange and white and cold all over?Me!

 In the end, we were both able to enjoy freezing our bums off
in the beautiful winter wonderland of our home state!

I'm wearing blaze orange and boots that about four sizes too big.
Don't judge me.
Hey, you would too in below zero temps!
And besides, I had been weakened by living in Texas for five years.

Let's hope next time, I'll remember to wait for my own ticket
before sauntering away!

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  1. You as well?! As I was reading your description of just what scares you about flying, it was like I was reading my own thoughts!!

    On the night before I was headed home for Christmas, I was so unbelievably anxious and it got worse at the airport. I was deathly afraid of going through security. I kept trying to calm myself down because they was no reason for me to be afraid, but as I was walking through the line, I was shaking like a leaf! It was horrible lol. Then after takeoff, I was sitting there clutching my seat for dear life in shock for the first 10 mins!!

    But what helped was that all the staff, employees, security, and stewards were all so sweet and kind to me in every airport I went through. As I would be standing back in line I would look up ahead and they seemed as if they were bored, upset, or uncaring, but when it came my turn they immediately brightened up and would smile and talk with me. That really helped me more than I thought to just calm down and relax.

    I'm glad y'all had fun!!
    lol! And you remind me of a couple years back when I put on sooo many layers and then a huge, fat, bright yellow coat which was a few sizes too large! I was warm no doubt, but I could hardly move and if I fell down, I felt like a turtle on its back!! lol!

    Love the post!!

    1. Exactly! I know I have no reason to be afraid going through security, but I can't help it! Well, you are just such a quiet and sweet spirited person, that is why they were all so nice to you! :)
      Haha- I know the overstuffed marshmallow feeling- I grew up with that every winter!

  2. Enjoyed seeing the winter pictures! As I am from MN, I can testify to the fact of camo, blaze orange, carhartts, and big snow boots are part of our daily costumes. :) We are excited, though, as today finally broke the forever-long cold spell we've been under...the forecast does not have any more below-zero temps predicted for highs OR lows! Hurrah!
    Have a great day and come on back to the winter wonderland anytime. :)

    1. I hear ya! I'm so out of practice- but I remember those days! One thing I remember now with a giggle is all the women tromping into church in their snow boots and pretty dresses, carrying their heals under their arms to change into! :)

      Yay! Congratulations on 'warmer' temperatures!

    2. Ha ha ha....the ladies still do!!! And in my church, a few of them just find skirts that match their boots. :) My little trick that you'll laugh at is when it is snowing like a banshee and I have a lot of stuff to unload (and I know I'll have to clear off the car after service), I wear my big black cowboy hat! Keeps the snow off of my hair and glasses, and gets a few comments/smiles from the other folks. ;)

    3. Haha, that IS funny! But when it is freezing cold and there is tons of snow, practicality wins over fashion sense! :)


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