Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Sunflower/Sunshine Award:
A Sleuthing Story!

 Hey all!
Guess what?
I was recently nominated twice for the Sunshine Award...well sorta.
That is where the sleuthing story comes in.
I call this story...The Case of the Mistaken Identity Award! 


Reyna from the blog A Peace of the Past
nominated me for The Sunflower Blogger Award.
What a nice gesture! Thank you Reyna!

But before writing a post about it, I wanted to do some research and learn
more about this award.

To my surprise, I found nearly nothing.

So, I put on my curious, ex-journalistic sleuthing hat and started digging!

Following all of the blog link backwards,
I tracked this particular thread of the 'Sunflower' award and found some
very interesting things!

As far back as I can track it,
which is 14 blogs back, this leg of the award started in the United Kingdom!
Unfortunately, I can't track it back any further, the blogger not only didn't use a link
but they didn't put up a post about the award...so, I lost the scent!

Hop down 7 blogs and we come to North America.
I'm not sure if it is the US or not, there was no 'about me' info at that particular blog,
but the address was no longer uk.
The blogger after that was from Canada!
And the last 6 blogs that have circulated this award have been in various US states.

Now here is the big discovery...
The award mistakenly changed names 9 blogs ago!
The blog author just misread the title and changed it from the Sunshine Award to the Sunflower award!
I accredit that mistake to the fact that the previous blogger used an image of a sunflower.

THAT would explain why I didn't come up a string of results
when I searched the Sunflower Award!


This Sunflower Blogger Award badge appeared on the scene
just 4 blogs back, created by Sarah, Plain and Average.
It is a shame this image is obsolete, it is so pretty!

NOW that I had the name right, I did a search on The Sunshine Award
and found tons of posts and images!

I found there are various images that have been used with this award.

sunshine award

These two seamed to be the least used images that are circulating.

Sunshine Award Spreading a Little Sunshine ~ Sunshine Blogger Awardsunshine-award

And these two are the most popular
with the blue and orange image seemingly the oldest, most used and official, award image.

And, just like the images have changed from blog to blog,
apparently so have the rules!

The rules are basically this: answer questions given to you
(in some cases I found, it was a predetermined list of basic questions: fav. color etc. that never changed)
by the person who nominated you, and then you nominated so many people in return
and asked them your own set of questions.

In my research, I found the numbers varied any where from the current rules of
answering 11 questions to only 7, and from tagging 11 people to only 5!

In all my sleuthing however, I was never able to find the origins of the Sunshine Award.

Apparently I'm not the only one who has searched this thing out..
I came across this post and the author shared much of what I had discovered,
that the numbers/rules had changed lots over the course of time.
I was impressed to find that she had tracked the award back to January of 2010!
This award already has a rich history.

It is crazy how things get so changed and turned around.
But when you play a game of telephone on an epic world wide scale,
things are bound to get a little jumbled. :)

But, with a little sleuthing I was able to clear some of the confusion up anyway.
You're welcome. :)

To further this interesting story
....no sooner had I completed all of my research, than I received
a comment from another blogger that I had been nominated for the Sunshine Award!
Gee...glad I got all that cleared up! 

Since I was nominated twice,
and have a long list of questions to answer, I'm going to break that into another post.

I hope you enjoyed this brief History of The Sunshine Award
and my detective adventures!

Come back later for Q&A time with my two nominators
and my own nominations for The Sunshine Award!


  1. Great detective work and interesting!

    1. Thanks, marilyn! I had a fun time sleuthing about the internet! It was a good little tour of the blog world as well. :)


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