Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day #5: Review of Star of Bethlehem DVD

Isn't it funny how your plans change?

I say that, because originally I wasn't going to do today's prompt
from the Blog Everyday in February Challenge- I had intended to share
a refashion with you.
Well, my last refashion was kind of a flop and my plans got changed
this past weekend so I didn't have the time I needed to get to the sewing machine.

But then on Sunday my family watched the movie I am about to share with you,
and it moved me so much that I decided to share it with you!

The movie I'm talking about is Star of Bethlehem and actually it is a documentary.
I am sometimes afraid to use the word documentary because,
while good, it often makes one think boring.
And that is far from the case with this one!
It is so well done that you never get bored,
it draws you in and keeps you interested the entire time.
Here is the general description of the film.

 "For centuries, skeptics and seekers alike have pondered the star of Bethlehem. 
The Bible describes unusual or even impossible astronomical events at Christ's birth. 
Was it a miracle or mere myth? 
This compelling DVD - from producer Stephen McEveety ("The Passion of the Christ") - examines Scripture, ancient writings, indisputable astronomical facts and more. 
Learn nine specific features of the star recorded in the Gospel of Matthew, 
how it established a date for Jesus' birth and death . . . and its significance for you today!"

We were first introduced to the Star of Bethlehem the Christmas season of 2012, I believe.
But just this week I viewed it for a second time and was again amazed.
I remember being shocked by the amazing presentation and in tears the first time I saw it.
This second time I was again amazed and in awe of the intricacy of the plans of God.

You can watch the film, in what I believe to be its entirety,
at this Youtube link. Or just watch the one I embedded below.

Even though you can watch the film online, I highly recommend owning your own copy,
especially since there is an interesting and significant clip in the bonus features that is not in the film.

The Star of Bethlehem, DVD   -

You can purchase the DVD here.

You can also visit the official website to learn more.

 It is mind boggling to me that God put all of these events into place before
He even created the heavens and the earth.

It made me stop and think about my life.
Why in the world should I worry about my life,
what I should be doing, where I should go?!

Who is man?
God orchestrated this great celestial poem and dance of the heavens
long before man even had the tools and where-with-all to be able to see it!

We think we are so great and important.
That our lives are of utmost importance and it would be terrible if we wasted it.
But we are so very small. And He is so very, very vast.
What is my life in the whole expanse of history?
If God can so perfectly execute the exact events, and details
prophesied about His son in scripture and cause situation
and circumstance to correlate, even including the variable of mankind in the mix,
and still accomplish it all to the precise minute, place and time;
why should I worry that I'm where I need to be?
It made me see how silly my worries are, and how in charge
and in control God really is!

I promise you, you will not be disappointed.
If you champion science over the Bible,
 you will see that both can coexist and indeed one supports the other;
If you don't believe that Jesus was the Son of God,
I challenge you to make that statement after having watched this piece.
And if you are a believer, your faith and the borders of your image of God
will explode and be greatly expanded!

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  1. This movie is awesome, very well done, and just absolutely extraordinary!

    ~ Aspen

    1. It totally is! I'm in awe and moved nearly to tears


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