Friday, February 7, 2014

Day #7: Encouragement!

That comes in many different forms,
but for me personally, I have found that the right words (and a hug) can make all the difference.
So today I'll keep it simple and share with you a few of my favorite
encouraging words brought you by Pinterest.
You can view my entire board of encouraging and thought provoking words here.
The truth will set you free 

(The Help) What would happen if we told our children this everyday? 
The Natural Bible: 
Love Love Love this.

 Oh, and that hug I mentioned?
Here it is.
Guys, i need a hug, like if you will give me one :) thanks, love you
You're welcome.

Even better, watch this video about the Free Hug Campaign,
it made me smile SO big!!
 Seriously, watch this heart warming video!

And finally....
VORFREUDE (n) the joyful, intense anticipation that comes from imagining future pleasures 
Go forth into your day with vorfreude!


  1. awwww. the free hugs one just made me all warm and fuzzy. so cute, thanks for putting a smile on my face!

    1. I know, it did the same for me, glad I could pass it on!

  2. I love vorfreude! Thanks for teaching me the word for something I've already felt :)

    1. Me too! I love learning new words, especially one that describe something I didn't think had a specific word for it! :)

  3. Love that quote from The Help! Probably one of the best from the book & movie.

    1. It is so impactful, especially how it is used in the context of the book/movie! I loved that moment. :)

  4. Love the quotes!!....great post :D thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks, Laura! It is hard *not* to share things that inspire me. :)


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