Saturday, February 1, 2014

January & December, A Month In Review

If you were one of those people who noticed that 'A Month in Review for December' post
was completely nonexistent,well, this should make you feel better.

there has and there hasn't been a lot happening in the last couple months.
Most of what has been happening isn't something you can sum up with a photo and caption.
Most of what has been happening has just
Some of that life has been new things coming alive inside of me,
and old things being resurrected...internal happenings, really.

There are however a few things I can share with you!
Like my 'new' sewing machine, for instance!
'New' actually means 'it-cost-$50-at-Goodwill'. :)

I give you the Singer Stylist 533!

Truth be told,
this little machine has been a resident in my home since the beginning of November.
So are you just hearing about it now?
For one, there were some repairs that needed attendance.
It was in sort-of-working condition when we got it- but it had been sitting so long that one of the plastic cogs broke as soon as we started tinkering with it.
It wasn't until late December that it was up and running!

It is really nice to have a back up machine, 
and this little dear has a special feature that I'm so pleased with!
You can remove a section of the base so it becomes narrow enough to slip a sleeve or pant leg over it!
It makes mending knee holes a hundred times easier!

This is the first singer I have worked with,
so it takes a little getting used to since controls and dials are different from what I learned on.
This machine also has a drop in bobbin, which was a little strange for me.

And guess what I got for Christmas!
My very own dress form!


 I'm pretty excited about it!
There are several dials, so I can adjust it to my (or any other) specific measurements. 
I haven't really had a chance to use it yet, but I'm sure I'll really enjoy it.
There have been a couple times in my refashion endeavours that I heartily wished for one of these!
You are sure to see more of this red beauty in my future refashion projects.

There came to be another new addition to my sewing room in December as well,
but since it was a project, I'll save that for another post.

Happy February everyone!


  1. Oh what a beauty! I have a feeling you two are going to spend many happy hours together. :)

    1. Yes. I think we will be quite happy together. :)


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