Sunday, February 23, 2014

Day 23: The Joys of Blogging!

Why do people blog?

Why spend hours taking pictures, laboring over grammar and sentence structure
to complete one little post, only to do it all over again the next day?

We all have our reasons,
but most of them come down to this...
we enjoy it.

Have you ever wanted to start a blog?

Today I'm going let you in on a little secret...or two,
about why I enjoy blogging, and maybe you'll be encouraged to start your own.

1. I finish things
I have a habit of starting projects and not finished them, can I hear an amen?!
Blogging can be a great motivator to finish projects,
because it provides a place to share them and get feddback!
2. Expression
No secret here, I love writing,
and this little blog gives me an arena to practice my craft, and share my words.
Whatever it is that makes you tick, blogging is a means to express that.

3. A Challenge
Not only was it a challenge creating my blog, getting all of the technical
aspects to come together, but it continues to push me on to new challenges.
Whether it be with my projects, a particularly intimate post, or just blogging in general,
being involved in the world of blogging challenges you to step it up.

4. Growth Chart
Each time you do overcome a challenge, it is right there in your archives as proof.
Looking back on older blog posts is a great way to measure
the strides you have taken and see the progress of your efforts,
as well as shortcomings you may need to work on.

5. Get organized
Running a blog is a great way to teach you organization and time management skills!
I've learned to keep a journal of all my blogging and post ideas as well
as a calender just for my blog. This way I can see when I have posts
scheduled and when I need to spend a day preparing more.

6. Community!
Last but most important and rewarding,
is the community of blogging!

I get to meet wonderful new people,
who slowly over time, become my friends, and share more and more of their stories.
For me, blogging and the people I connect with through it, are inseparable...
they are one and the same.

So thank you each and every single one of your who stops by to 'see' me.
I read every comment and do my best to reply.
And to all of you 'shadow readers', the ones lurking unseen in cyber space, reading but holding your peace.
I understand.
I used to be just like you.
I look forward to the day when you decide to pop out of the wood work and say 'hi'.
I appreciate you soooooooooooooo much.
Blogging connects people.
There are blogs that I follow who's writers I have never met,
but I feel as if they are my real friends because I have been
so drawn in by their stories and allowed their little life to become a part of mine.

It is impossible that we could ever meet all of the great people living in this world,
but through blogging, I think we can connect with some of those great people and know their beauty
through a small, glowing screen.

That is what I enjoy most.The greatness, the beauty, and the community of blogging.

I'm linking up at Anchored in Love Divine
for the Blog Everyday in February Challenge!


  1. Lovely post Des! I was shaking my head in agreement over every joy of blogging. I truly enjoy blogging.

    ~ Aspen

  2. This is lovely! So well articulated and TRUE!!! I just wanted you to know that I've nominated you for the Sunshine Award! The details are here on my blog . I understand if you don't want to participate, but I would love it if you did! Let me know :)

    1. You know you are a writer when the phrase "so well articulated' makes you blush! :) Thank you! And thank you for the nomination! How sweet! I'll be doing a post on it, hopefully sometime this week! :)

    2. So glad you can participate! I can't wait to see it :)

  3. What a lovely post! I always enjoy your blog, Des. Best, Katherine

    1. Thank you! You know what, this might sound totally bonkers, but I've 'seen' you around the blogworld in the comment section, you are everywhere and say such nice things, and well...I have to admit I kind of sort of said to myself once "you know you have a good blog when you get pillow a-la-moda's comment-seal of approval."! So seeing you comment today was sort of like receiving a blogging award! LoL Thank you! :)


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